Boxing results: Joseph Diaz Loses to Mercito Gesta!

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By Ken Hissner: At the Walter Pyramid, Long Beach, California Saturday over DAZN Oscar De La Hoya (Golden Boy Promotions) presented in the Main Event former Olympian Lightweight Joseph “Jo Jo” Diaz, Jr. lost by split decision to Mercito “Guerrero No Mercy” Gesta over ten rounds.

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In the Co-Main Event Lightweight, Oscar Durarte knocked out Alex “Chi-Town Heat” Martin in the eighth round.

In the Main Event, former Olympian Light southpaw Joseph “Jo Jo” Diaz, Jr., 32-4-1 (15), #139 ½, of Downey, CA, lost by split decision to southpaw Mercito “Guerrero No Mercy” Gesta, 34-3-3 (17), #137 ½, of San Diego, CA, over ten rounds.

In the first two rounds, Gesta had an edge. In the third and fourth rounds, Diaz came back well enough to take the rounds. In the fifth round, Diaz finished the stronger of the two after a close round having Gesta on the ropes.

In the sixth and seventh rounds, Diaz continued chasing Gesta but got countered well. In the eighth round, Diaz came back well as Gesta seemed to be slowing down. In the ninth round, Gesta started moving around the ring with Diaz chasing him and getting countered with many jabs. In the tenth and final round Gesta continued on the move with Diaz catching him with a right hook on the chin with a minute remaining but got countered. The referee was Ray Corona.

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Scores were 97-93 Diaz, 99-91 Gesta, 98-92 Gesta with 96-94 Gesta from this writer.

In the co-main event Light Oscar Durate, 25-1-1 (20), #135 ½, of Chihuahua, MEX, knocked out southpaw Alex “Chi-Town Heat” Martin, 18-5 (6), #136, of Chicago, IL, at 1:14 of the eighth round of a 10.

In the first two rounds, Martin seemed well ahead until the final seconds of the second round when Durate rocked Martin with a right on the chin, making him hold until the bell. In the third and fourth rounds, Durate was on the offense chasing down Martin. In the fifth round, each had their moments, with Martin having an edge.

In the sixth round, Durate hurt Martin with rights on the chin several times, taking the round. In the seventh round, Durate suffered a cut on the right eyebrow.

In the eighth round, after a minute, a vicious right from Durate on the chin and down went Martin as Referee Jerry Cantu issued an 8-count. Martin managed to beat the count but on shaky legs. Durate was all over him, dropping him again with a right on the chin as referee Cantu waved it off.

Super Welter Eric Tudor, 8-0 (6), #153 ½, of Ft. Lauderdale, FL, defeated Damoni Cato-Cain, 7-1-1 (6), #152 ¾, of Oakland, CA, over eight rounds.

In the first three rounds, the taller Tudor used an effective jab as Cato-Cain kept switching from orthodox and back, gaining confidence as the fight continued. In the fourth round, due to a clash of heads, Tudor suffered a cut on his forehead. Tudor went on the offense until the bell.

In the sixth round, the left eye of Cato-Cain’s started closing from Tudor rights. Halfway through the seventh round, a pair of Tudor rights on the chin rocked Cato-Cain.

In the eighth and final round Cato-Cain rocked Tudor a minute into the round with a right on the chin. In the final minute, Tudor drew blood from the nose of Cato-Cain with a right on the nose. The referee was Jack Reiss.

Scores were 80-72 and 78-74 twice, with 78-74 this writer.

In the opening bout, Super Feather Patricio “Cacahuate” Manuel, 2-0 (0), #129, of L.A., CA, won by technical decision over Hien Huynh, 1-2 (0), #125 ½, of St. Louis, MO, at 0:56 of the 4th round.

In the first round, Manuel coming back after four years, dropped Huynh for an 8-count from referee Jack Reiss.

In the third round, Manuel dropped Huynh again with a right on the chin, with referee Reiss giving him an 8-count. In the fourth and final round, Huynh suffered a nasty cut on his right eyebrow after a clash of heads, causing referee Reiss to call in the ring physician, who called a halt.

Super Feather Dalis Kaleiopu, 4-0 (3), #130 ½, of Waianae, HI, defeated Jonathan “Popeye” Perez, 40-35 (32), #131, of Barranquilla, COL, over six dull rounds.

In the first two rounds, the much taller Kaleiopu used his jab to keep Perez from countering for the most part. In the third round, Perez kept coming forward with a warning about Perez hitting Kaleiopu behind the head referee Ray Corona finally took away a point near the end of the round.

In the fifth round’s final minute again, Referee Corona took a point from Perez for excessive holding. In the sixth and final rounds last forty seconds, Kaleiopu rocked Perez with a left uppercut on the chin. Perez managed by holding on to get to the bell.

Scores were 60-52 by all three judges and this writer.

Feather Jorge Chavez, 5-0 (4), #125 ½, of San Diego, CA, won by knockout over Bryan Perez, 12-17-1 (11), #129 ½, of Managua, NIC, at 0:30 of the first round of a 4.

Half a minute into the first round, Chavez landed a four-punch combination ending with a left hook dropping Perez on his back as Referee Jerry Cantu waved it off.

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