Will Tommy Fury vs. Jake Paul rematch happen? Oddsmakers say yes

By Boxing News - 02/27/2023 - Comments

By Scott Gilfoid: The oddsmakers strongly believe that a rematch between British domestic-level fighter Tommy Fury and Youtuber Jake Paul will happen next after their clash last Sunday night in Saudi Arabia, which resembled a mixed blend of a track meet & wrestling match, thanks to Fury’s awful running & grappling. If you think Tyson Fury is a spoiler of the first order, Tommy was next level.

The oddsmakers have Fury-Paul happening, with the next highest possible being a Jake-KSI match-up. Jake & Tommy already said inside the ring last Sunday night that they want an immediate rematch, so it’s a no-brainer to pick that fight as the likely next one for the two.

Jake Paul (6-1, 4 KOs) lost an eight round split decision to the more experienced Tommy (9-0, 4 KOs), but he’s the first to admit that he fought the wrong fight.

Why Jake Paul shouldn’t give Tommy Fury a rematch

The 26-year-old Paul looked like he hadn’t studied Tommy’s past fights to be ready for all the movement and the clinching that he would be doing in the fight. Tommy ALWAYS holds a great deal and moves around. He’s like a bulkier version of super middleweight Lerrone Richards, but with far more tendency to hold & move than him.

To his credit, Lerrone Richards doesn’t clinch or move nearly as much as Tommy Fury, but he’s difficult to fight due to the movement that he uses.

Tommy is on another level with all the holding & moving he does, so Jake needs to consider whether it’s a wise move to fight him again because it takes an experienced fighter to deal with that level of a spoiler.

The 23-year-old Tommy Fury is a next-level spoiler of the first order, and deal with that kind of ugly fighting, you got to know what you’re doing to defeat the nonstop holding & running from a runner/grappler like him.

I think I deserve that rematch. It was a close fight. I don’t know if I agree with the judges. I got a 10-8 round twice [in 6th and 8th],” said Jake Paul to Top Rank Boxing, moments after his loss to Tommy Fury.

“We can run it back because I think we put on an amazing show for the fans. I felt bad. I got sick twice in game, and I injured my arm. I felt a little flat. It wasn’t my best performance. 100%, let’s run it back.

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What Jake should do is dump his trainer and get someone that knows how to deal with runners & grapplers like Tommy before giving him a rematch.

If you’re Jake, you should go in the direction of fighting KSI and leave Tommy to the more experienced fighters, not that he’ll bother fighting any of them because he clearly isn’t going to fight any of the top-level cruiserweights. Tommy will get blasted to smithereens if he fights anyone in the top 15.

Chisora: Jake Paul won’t beat Tommy Fury in rematch

“I don’t know if the rematch is on, but if it’s on, we’re going to have it in Saudi,” said Derek Chisora to Secondsout about the Fury vs. Paul rematch. “The days in Vegas are done.”

“No,” said Chisora when asked if Jake Paul could call himself a boxer now that he’s fought against a true boxer in Tommy Fury. “The problem with Jake Paul is, he’s the boss, and everyone around him are ‘yes men.’

“He’s paying everybody and telling them what to do. Until he gets rid of that s**t, he will never be a professional fighter because of the way he was jabbing. He’s heavy-handed if he had double-jabbed and thrown a right through the middle, yes.

“But every time, he was jabbing from the floor and was looking for those big swings for no reason. So far, I don’t think so,” said Chisora when asked if Jake Paul can beat Tommy Fury if they have a rematch.