Adrien Broner parts ways with BLK Prime, “AB is a free agent”

By Boxing News - 02/27/2023 - Comments

By Adam Baskin: Adrien Broner revealed today that he and BLK Prime have parted ways without him fighting any of the fights he had on his 12 month, three-fight, eight-figure contract with them.

It’s unknown if the 33-year-old former four-division world champion Broner (34-4-1, 24 KOs) got any of the guaranteed money that he had on his contract with BLK Prime.

Broner says he’s in shape, ready to fight, and a free agent. Just who would be interested in signing Broner is the magical question. It’s unlikely AB will return to PBC, which leaves Golden Boy Promotions and Matchroom Boxing as two options.

Is Broner heading toward skidrow?

Eddie Hearn tried to sign Broner to a deal in the past, but with no luck. For Broner’s sake, hopefully, he didn’t burn his bridges when he failed to accept the offer from Hearn.

It would seem that Broner is ready for the junk pile at this stage in his career because he can’t be refurbished. If he could, he would have by now by someone.

Unlike the 24-year-old super middleweight contender Edgar Berlanga, who was courted by all the top promoters, Broner isn’t expected to be chased by them because he’s not young, and his career has been sinking for the last eleven years.

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In the true sense, Broner hasn’t won a fight since 2016, so he’s not the ideal free agent that any of the top promoters would want to sign.

Given how seemingly unphased Broner is about him and BLK Prime parting ways, it would seem likely that AB at least got some of the money. If BLK Prime had an early clause in the contract, that might explain why they’re going in a different direction now with Broner.

It would be interesting to know what led to BLK Prime and Broner parting ways. Was it the low PPV numbers for his recent canceled fight with Mike Williams Jr? AB was supposed to fight Williams Jr on February 25th, but Mike suffered a jaw injury, resulting in the fight beinng canceled.

“I’m just going to come out and let everyone know. Me and BLK Prime have decided to part ways. There’s no bad blood. They just couldn’t deliver everything that I needed at this point in my career,” said Adrien Broner on social media.

“Right now, I’m in tip-top shape, I got myself in shape, I dropped all my vices, I’m not clubbing, I’m not drinking. I’m ready to start fighting. Hit me up. AB is a free agent. Let’s do this. As I said, I’m ready to fight today. Anybody can get it. The ‘Can Man’ is back,” said Broner.