Canelo Alvarez’s legacy will be forever “stained” if he doesn’t fight Benavidez & Morrell says promoter Lewkowicz

By Boxing News - 01/12/2023 - Comments

By Sean Jones: Promoter Sampson Lewkowicz says Canelo Alvarez’s legacy will be forever stained if he retires without fighting his WBC mandatory David Benavidez and WBA ‘regular’  super middleweight champion David Morrell.

Lewkowicz, who promotes Benavidez (26-0, 23 KOs) and Morrell, believes both fighters will beat Canelo. Hence, he’s not showing interest in fighting either of them.

Not too many boxing fans are familiar with the talented Cuban Morrell, but he’s the real deal, and it would be a pure nightmare for Canelo, as would Benavidez.

Lewkowicz predicts that the undisputed super middleweight champion Canelo will “never” fight Benavidez & Morrell. That would be a disappointment, and it’ll make Canelo bad if he returns to the 168-lb division without facing these two undefeated fighters.

For time being, Canelo has given himself a cushion from the abuse that fans will be dumping on him for ducking these talents by focusing on fighting WBA light heavyweight champion Dmitry Bivol. However, that cushion will disappear when Canelo resumes defending his 168-lb undisputed championship.

Canelo’s promoter Eddie Hearn is already hoping to set him up with a soft opponent at 168 in John Ryder, and if that fight happens, the floodgates are going to be open, letting loose a torrid of criticism from boxing fans to the four-belt superstar for avoiding the elite, Morrell  (8-0, 7 KOs) & Benavidez.

“Canelo Álvarez’s legacy will be stained for the rest of his life,” said Lewkowicz to the New Herald when asked if Canelo will ever fight David Benavidez & Morrell.  “They will ask him why he didn’t fight with Benavídez.”

It’s looking like Canelo will continue to maneuver around Benavidez & Morrell by taking a fight with Ryder in May, followed by a rematch with Bivil in September.

Regardless of how Canelo’s fight with Bivol winds up, it’s predictable that he’ll stay at 175 and not come back down to 168. Even if Canelo never wins another belt at 175, he’ll stay in the division and pick his opponents wisely to enjoy a modicum of success.

Morrell also beats Canelo. 100%, like Benavídez,” said Lewkowicz when asked if Morrell also beats Canelo. “That’s why there is no such fight. Canelo is never going to fight with Morell or with Benavídez.

“Canelo is an underdog against Benavídez. On the other hand, there is no favorite against Morrell.

“Benavídez vs. Morell. That’s a tougher fight than Plant, including Canelo,” said Lewkowicz.