The Fastest One Round Finish’s in a Title Fight!

By Boxing News - 11/09/2022 - Comments

By Ken Hissner: In the seventeen divisions, let’s take a look at the fastest finishes in the first round of title bouts.

In the heavyweight division, world champion James “The Boilermaker” J. Jeffries, 12-0-2, of Ohio, stopped Pittsburgh’s Jack Finnegan, 4-2-4, in 55 seconds in Detroit, MI, in April of 1900.

IBF World Cruiserweight champion James Warring of Florida stopped James Prichard, of Kentucky, in 24 seconds in September of 1991. It took place in Italy.

IBF Light Heavyweight champion Bobby “Chappie” Czyz, 29-1, of New Jersey, stopped David Sears, 17-2-1, of New York, in 61 seconds in December of 1986 in West Orange, NJ.

IBF World Super Middleweight champion Roy Jones, Jr., 27-0, of Florida, stopped Antoine “T-Bird” Byrd, 26-4-1, at 2:06 in Pensacola, FL, in March of 1995.

IBF World Middleweight champion Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins, 27-2-1, of Philly, stopped Guyana’s Steve “Lionheart” Frank, 15-2-1, in 24 seconds in Phoenix, AZ.

WBA World Super Welterweight champion Julio Cesar Vasquez, 40-1, from Argentina, stopped Panama’s Aquillino “Dimar” Asprilla, 34-9-1, in 47 seconds in February of 1993 in Bueno Aires, ARG.

IBF and WBC Welterweight champion Jamaica’s Lloyd Honeyghan, 30-0, of the UK, stopped Gene “Mad Dog” Hatcher, 27-4, of Texas, in 45 seconds in Spain.

WBA World Super Lightweight champion Akinobu Hiranaka, 19-1, of Japan, stopped Edwin “Chapo” Rosario, 41-4, of PR, in 92 seconds in Mexico.

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World Lightweight champion Tony Canzoneri, 76-8-8, of New York, stopped Al Singer, 53-7-2, of New York, in 66 seconds at Madison Square Garden in November of 1930.

WBA World Super Featherweight champion Genaro “Chicanito” Hernandez, 27-0, of L.A., CA, and Raul Perez, 50-3-2, of Mexico, ended in a technical draw after 28 seconds. In the rematch, Hernandez won at 2:11 of the eighth round.

WBC World Featherweight champion Kuniaki Shibata, 33-2-2, of Japan, knocked out Raul Cruz, 21-5-1, of Mexico, at 3:04 in Tokyo, Japan.

Super Bantamweight champion Daniel La Cobra Jiminez, 17-3-1, of PR, stopped Harald “E.T.” Geier, 20-0, of Austria, in 17 seconds in September of 1994 in Austria.

Bantamweight world champion Sixto “El Galito” Escobar, 29-12-2, of PR, stopped Indian “Baby” Quintana, 45-10-2, of Panama, at 1:49 in New York on November of 1936.

IBF Super Flyweight world champion Ju-Do Chun, 15-1-3, of South Korea, stopped Diego del Valle, 15-12-6, at 2:35 in South Korea.

IBU and NBA Flyweight world champion Emile “Spider” Pladner, 40-2-2, of France, stopped Frankie Genaro, 76-14-7, of New York, in 58 seconds in March of 1929 in Paris, France.

WBA Light Flyweight World champion Myung Woo Yuh, 22-0, stopped Eduardo Tunon, 13-1, of Panama, at 2:46 in South Korea.
WBC World Strawweight World champion Ricardo “Finito” Lopez, 39-0, of Mexico, stopped Yamil Caraballo, 13-4-1, of Colombia, at 1:10