VIDEO: Top 50 Most Spectacular Knockouts!

By Boxing News - 10/18/2022 - Comments

By Geoffrey Ciani: Every boxing fan enjoys a good decisive knockout victory.

During the long rich history of professional boxing there have been many spectacular knockouts delivered by many outstanding knockout artists. But which knockout victories in history are the most spectacular of all time? The latest Boxing Survey Series attempts to answer that question.

YouTube video

The survey was conducted in the Classic Section of where 25 volunteers each provided a chronological list of what each considered to be the Top 25 Most Spectacular Knockouts of all time. Each of those lists had a weighted scoring system applied to them, where 1st place results are worth far more than 25th place votes (the system was similar to the scoring system used in previous surveys). In total there were 243 unique knockout victories that received mention in this survey.

For the purposes of this survey, it did not matter whether the result was officially a KO or TKO. But in the case of a TKO, the losing fighter must have been dropped in the immediate lead-up to the ref (or corner) waving it off. (This excludes fighters involving an opponent who never went down and was stopped on his feet).

Out of those 243 spectacular knockouts, this video will focus on the top 50 from those results, where it will feature some of the greatest knockouts from some of the greatest knockout artists, including George Foreman, Mike Tyson, Rocky Marciano, Thomas Hearns, and Julian Jackson just to name a few.

This edition of Rummy’s Corner will provide a Top 50 countdown of the most spectacular knockouts during the long rich history of professional boxing, per the results of this survey. Please watch and enjoy the video countdown. This is Rummy’s Corner (produced and narrated by Geoffrey Ciani).

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