Roy Jones Jr says Chris Eubank Jr beats Conor Benn “with no problems”

By Boxing News - 09/09/2022 - Comments

By Allan Fox: Roy Jones Jr is picking Chris Eubank Jr to beat the inexperienced welterweight Conor Benn with very few problems on October 8th in their catchweight fight at 157 lbs at the O2 Arena in London.

Jones does have some things he’s concerned about for the fight. He wants the former IBO super middleweight champion Eubank Jr (32-2, 23 KOs) to watch out for the young Benn’s left hook.

Conor is more cautious than a pure brawler like his famous father, Nigel Benn, so he focuses more on landing single shots, hoping to stun his opponents. Once Benn sees that they’re hurt, he then unloads with a flurry of shots to finish them off.

Benn hasn’t fought anyone good during his career, as he’s been matched selectively against old guys that were never that good, even when they were young.

I think Eubank wins the fight with no problems, but there are a few things he has to do to keep Benn in check,” said Roy Jones Jr to Fighthype. “I think Eubank is more experienced, bigger, and the better fighter.

“All my thoughts are towards Eubank Jr, but there are some things that Conor can do to cause problems. I’ve already warned Chris of those things, so I think he’ll be fine.

“Keep your head down, be careful, watch for the big left hook. Things like that,” said Jones Jr when asked what he’s telling Eubank Jr to watch out for in his fight against Benn.

“If it was me and they asked me what he should do, I would have told him to do just that,” said Jones Jr about Benn using his father Nigel Benn to help him train and work the corner on October 8th.

“Your father is the season the fight is happening, and having the fathers in the corner will make it even bigger for everybody. If I was a fan, I would want to see Nigel in Conor’s corner and Eubank in Chris’s corner.

“Why would I want to put my own values for something that is bigger than that? Their fight is because of their fathers.  The fathers are the reason why the fight is even relevant. They wouldn’t be fighting if not for their fathers. One is a welterweight, and one is a middleweight,” said Jones.

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