Gilberto Ramirez looking huge for Dmitry Bivol press conference

By Boxing News - 08/31/2022 - Comments

By Dan Ambrose: Gilberto ‘Zurdo’ Ramirez looked like a filled-out full-fledged cruiserweight during today’s kickoff press conference for his title challenge of WBA light heavyweight champion Dmitry Bivol on November 5th on DAZN at the Etihad Arena, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Ramirez is going to need to take off a lot of weight during training camp for him to make the 175-lb limit for the fight.

Wearing an untucked long sleeve shirt, Ramirez’s Elvis paunch was clearly visible during the face-off with the Bivol. The difference between the two fighters was huge, as Ramirez was much bigger and didn’t look anything like a light heavyweight in size or proportion.

It’s unclear what Ramirez has been eating or drinking to make him put on so much weight since leaving the 168-lb division in 2019. Whatever it is, Ramirez needs to back away from the kitchen and leave the place alone.

The once slender-looking 6’2 1/2″ Ramirez has packed on a lot of weight in the last few years, and it’s painfully obvious that he belongs at cruiserweight, not light heavyweight, at this point in his career.

Ramirez rehydrated to an enormous looking 204 lbs after weighing in successfully at 174 lbs for his last fight against Dominic Boesel in June.

“Thank you to Ramirez for this fight,” said Bivol. “I know he wanted this fight a long time. Me too. Now it will happen. He is a good fighter, and I like challenges. I like to fight against the guy who has won 44 fights and who is bigger than me and taller than me,” said Bivol.

“I want to become a two-time world champion, and this is the moment for me,” said Ramirez to iFL TV. “He did a really good job in the ring, and he moved well. He beat Canelo, and he surprised me. I knew it would be a really hard fight for Canelo, but he won every round.

“I don’t know what he’s thinking. People want to see that fight too. Maybe it’ll happen, maybe it will not,” said Ramirez when told that Canelo said he wouldn’t fight another Mexican fighter.

“I just want to get the title fight and fight Bivol, and that’s all that matters right now. It’ll be exciting, and you’ll see the best Zurdo Ramirez.  I’m big, bigger than Dmitry Bivol, and I think I will use my reach. It’ll be exciting,” said Ramirez.

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