Tim Tszyu reacts to fighting Jermell Charlo in January 2023

By Boxing News - 07/14/2022 - Comments

By Robert Segal: Tim Tszyu is excited at hearing the news from undisputed 154-lb champion Jermell Charlo that the two will be fighting on January 28th in the U.S.

WBO mandatory Tszyu (21-0, 15 KOs) says he’s going to go over to the U.S for his training camp, and he’ll be 100% ready to rip away the four belts from the “grumpy” Charlo (35-1-1, 19 KOs). Tszyu notes that Jermell is always angry and like an “old man.

Tszyu, 27, doesn’t mind waiting for another six months before challenging Jermell for his four belts because it gives him time to train and rest his hands.

Jermell hasn’t seemed eager to take the fight with Tszyu for some reason, and many boxing fans believe that he has misgivings about taking this risky match.

Jermell’s brother, Jermall Charlo, suggested he would soon move up to 160, but he’s decided to stay at 154 to defend his four belts against Tszyu.

If Jermell were to vacate his belts, it would give fans the perception that he’d hoisted up the white flag, turned tail, and run from the battlefield rather than take his licking like a good soldier.

“This is the fight I wanted. Charlo is the top of the division, the top boy that you’ve got to take out to be the best,” said Tim Tszyu to the media, reacting to the news of his fight with undisputed 154-lb champion Jermell Charlo happening in January 2023.

“I’m not rattled by any of his comments. He’s like an angry old man,” continued Tszyu about the frequently agitated Jermell. “He’s just grumpy all the time. Let him be.

“We know it’s Vegas, and that’s all we know at the moment,” Tim said about the location for his fight with Charlo next January. “As I recall, my dad [Kostya] had his first world title in Las Vegas as well. So, we’re going to do it 27 years later, but I’ve got four titles to fight for this time.

“This is the biggest fight of my career. All four belts, this is as big as it gets. It’s not a layoff. I’m not sitting on the couch doing nothing,” said Tszyu when asked about his thoughts on needing to wait another five months before fighting Charlo in January.

“The hands are good. It’s a gradual slow process, but they’re going to be good. All that matters is the 28th of January; they’re going to be all good. There are a few boys that we’re talking to, but they’re going to be top-level for sparring.

“I know I’ll be 100%, and I’ll peak at the right time with the preparation & sparring. I’ve got time on my hands. This is the first time that I’ve had time on my hands. Usually, everything is a rush; everything is nonstop, and that’s something that rattles you as well.

“This time, I’ll base myself there [U.S], I’ll make Vegas my home, and I’ll get the victory,” said Tszyu.

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