Ryan Garcia says Haney’s performance = “Nyquil” against Kambosos

By Boxing News - 06/05/2022 - Comments

By Dan Ambrose: Ryan Garcia was critical of last Saturday’s one-sided victory for Devin Haney over George Kambosos Jr, calling the fight “boring” and viewing it as the equivalent of sleep aid, “Nyquil” for the fans that watched it.

Haney’s one-sided 12-round unanimous decision with over a woefully limited unified lightweight champion Kambosos (20-1, 10 Kos) was on the dull side. Still, it wasn’t any more boring to watch than Ryan Garcia’s last fight against Emmanuel Tagoe on April 9th.

Ryan showed fewer skills in that fight than even Kambosos against an opponent that he should have crushed if he was fighting on the same level as these two.

Kambosos did the best he could, but he was out of his depth fighting a technical boxer like Haney last Saturday night at the Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, Australia.

It was immediately clear from the first round that Kambosos had no chance, not even a puncher’s shot, due to his lack of power & skills.

Kambosos’ short T-Rex arms only added to his problems, putting him in a position where his only hope was for Haney to tire in the later rounds.

When that didn’t happen, Kambosos took a slow, methodical beating during the championship rounds, and the positive was that Haney lacked the power to stop him.

Ryan Garcia: “@Gervontaa, You Watching this stuff?? When We fight, don’t let it be like this!!! Boring.”

Tank Davis: “Shut the f*** up!”

Ryan Garcia: “Oh yeah, you say shut the f*k up, but you were screaming I’m next. You should want this fight, don’t trip. Your disrespect will be addressed!! Promise you that B****.”

As you can see, Tank views Ryan as an irritating annoyance and likely can’t wait to expose him as a YouTuber posing as a boxer.

Kambosos will attempt to fight more aggressively in the rematch, but it’s unlikely to work against Haney.

When the Aussie Kambosos tried putting more pressure on Devin in rounds ten and eleven, he was getting tagged repeatedly by his powerful jabs and swinging & missing badly.

The boxing world doesn’t want to see a Haney-Kambosos rematch, and the promoters will take a financial bath if they put that albatross of a fight on for a second time.

If Team Kambosos are wise, they’ll move on, lick their wounds, and take a different approach to snatch a world title. There are plenty of paper titles that Kambosos can capture, and then he can stand on his perch to call out whoever holds the lightweight titles.

Haney is likely to move up to 140 soon because he’s outgrown the 135-lb division.

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