Ryan Garcia power jab impresses Oscar De La Hoya, pleased with improvements with Goosen

By Boxing News - 03/01/2022 - Comments

By Jack Tiernan: Oscar De La Hoya likes what he sees of the new power jab that Ryan Garcia has learned to throw under the tutelage of his coach Joe Goossen.

De La Hoya notes that Ryan’s jab is now like a power punch and a vast improvement on the pawing one that he threw before joining up with the famous trainer Goosen.

In a highly publicized move, the undefeated ightweight contender Ryan Garcia (21-0, 18 KOs) replaced Eddy Reynoso recently with Goosen because he felt he wasn’t getting the time needed.

Reynoso trains Canelo Alvarez and Oscar Valdez, but Ryan says he wasn’t getting the time that he wanted with him to help him prepare for his fights.

Changing to Goosen seems to have worked well for Ryan, as he’s punching more power than ever seemingly with his jab. Now if Goosen can develop Ryan’s right hand into the same type of weapon as his power jab and lethal left hook, he could be unstoppable.

Goosen is getting Ryan ready for his next fight against Emmanuel Tagoe (32-1, 15 KOs) on April 9th at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. King Ryn, 23, and Tagoe will be battling in the main event on DAZN.

This will be Ryan’s first fight in 15 months since his seventh round stoppage win over Luke Campbell last year in January.

“I always think changing trainers is beneficial because the important person is the fighter,” said Oscar De La Hoya in discussing Ryan Garcia changing trainers. “The important person is the fighter, it’s not the trainer.

Image: Ryan Garcia power jab impresses Oscar De La Hoya, pleased with improvements with Goosen

“As far as I’m concerned, the trainer is irrelevant. But if you have a trainer today that is going to teach you how to win you’re next five or six fights, great, and you want to change to another trainer, why not,” said De La Hoya in showing that he approves if Ryan’s move to Joe Goosen to replace Reynoso.

“If it helps you grow as a fighter and learn different techniques. I see Joe and I’ve known Joe since I was ten or eleven years old. He’s a disciplinarian, he’s a no-nonsense type of guy.

“He’ll joke around and you can see him around the gym and whatever, he’s a good guy. But when it comes to training and getting his fighters ready, and when I saw the clip of Ryan throwing that power jab, to me, it was a match made in heaven.

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“The power jab is the key to everything, and when have we seen Ryan throw it in the past? He’s always been pawing it. His jab is freaking amazing.

“So, I see some good things coming for Ryan and Joe. I see this relationship working out. I can’t say how long because I’m a fighter that has changed trainers six times, but now it seems to work,” said De La Hoya on the chemistry between Ryan Garcia and new trainer Joe Goosen.