Devin Haney confident of victory over George Kambosos Jr on June 4th

By Sean Jones: Devin Haney is confident that he’ll bring down four-belt lightweight champion George Kambosos Jr. when the two share the ring on June 4th for the undisputed 135-lb championship in Australia.

Boxing fans were looking forward to seeing Kambosos Jr. defend against Vasyl Lomachenko, but that’s not happening now.

Haney’s promoter Eddie Hearn says he’s closing in on a deal with Kambosos’ promoter Lou DiBella for a massive fight on June 4th.

Now that Haney’s main competition is out of the way with Vasyl Lomachenko having gone away to war in Ukraine, Devin is sitting pretty in the pole position by default to get the clash with Kambosos Jr.

Boxing fans would obviously prefer to see Kambosos Jr. face Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis or Ryan Garcia than Haney, those two fighters aren’t an option to face the Australian next.

It’s pretty much down to Haney or one of the contenders at 135, and fragile that’s not going to happen.

I’ve got so many different styles that whatever style I bring on that night,” said Devin Haney to iFL TV on his confidence of beating George Kambosos Jr.

Kambosos Jr. vs. Haney is likely going to be an UGLY to watch fight with a lot of running, jabbing, and holding on Devin’s part. The money obviously will be good for Kambosos to take that fight, but it’s going to be a bad one for him and the fans.

The ONLY way Kambosos beats Haney is if he knocks him out, and unfortunately, he lacks the pop in his punches to accomplish that task. Kambosos Jr is a finesse, hit & run type of fighter, who pecks away with single shots.

“Obviously, my ring IQ, it’s going to be something totally different than what he’s used to,” Haney said of Kambosos Jr. “I take my hat off to him, he’s a great fighter, but he’ll see something different when he gets in the ring with me.

Image: Devin Haney confident of victory over George Kambosos Jr on June 4th

“Yeah, he has speed, he has speed, but it’s more about timing with me,” said Haney in acknowledging the hand & foot speed of the 28-year-old Kambosos Jr.

“You can be the fastest fighter in the world, but if you’re swinging at air, it’s not going to matter. It’s all about timing,” said Haney.

If Kambosos had more talent going for him, it’s likely that his promoters would have him milk “them beautiful belts” against one of the top 15 contenders, but it would be too risky to chance it.

“Kambosos, that’s the only person we’re focused on right now,” said Haney to ESNEWS. “That’s the fight that should be made for the real undisputed and we’re not focused on nobody else.”

Even the lower-ranked contenders at lightweight could potentially beat Kambosos. After all, this is a fighter that struggled to beat the faded 37-year-old Mickey Bey and 34-year-old Lee Selby by split decisions.

Sean Jones believes Kambosos would lose to ALL of these fringe contenders:

  • William Zepeda
  • Michel Rivera
  • Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz
  • Richard Commey
  • Masayoshi Nakatani

It would be fun to see how Kambosos dealt with the power of Zepeda, Rivera, Commey, and Pitbull Cruz.

Those guys would be far more entertaining to watch in a fight against Kambosos Jr than Haney, who will be jabbing him silly on the night.

If Haney had power and didn’t fight with that boring Mayweather-esque fighting style, it would be fun to see Kambosos try and deal with him. Haney doesn’t have power, though, and his hit, run & hold style of fighting is hard on the eyes.

“We’re going to give him every opportunity because we want the fight badly and Devin said that’s the only fight we’re focused on right now,” said Eddie Hearn.

“June 4th is the proposed date, so we’ve got two or three weeks to make the fight, really. At the same time, we want to plan Devin’s fight for December.

“So, we’re happy to wait until June, provided we get that undisputed fight. We’re trying to close that at the moment. DAZN are talking to us and talking to Lou DiBella. Hopefully, we’ll get it agreed and announced in due course,” said Haney.

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