De La Hoya says Canelo’s trainer Reynoso didn’t have time for Ryan Garcia or Vergil Ortiz Jr

By Boxing News - 02/22/2022 - Comments

By Jack Tiernan: Oscar De La Hoya was in favor of Ryan Garcia leaving his trainer Ryan Garcia to move on to Joe Goosen due to the lack of time the famous coach had for him.

De La Hoya said he initially liked the idea of Ryan Garcia and Vergil Ortiz Jr. training with Reynoso, but it wasn’t worth it because he didn’t have time.

As De La Hoya points out, Reynoso trains the superstar Canelo Alvarez, and that takes up a lot of time. Oscar says that Canelo and Reynoso are “best friends.

With the amount of time Reynoso spends with Canelo, De La Hoya felt it wasn’t fair to Vergil and the other fighters he trains.

Reynoso also has many other top fighters that he trains at his gym, which gets in the way of him putting in the time needed, says De La Hoya.

Ryan recently split with Reynoso and is now trained by Joe Goosen, who De La Hoya is the ideal coach for him. The unbeaten lightweight contender Ryan (21-0, 18 KOs) is getting ready for his headliner fight on DAZN against Emmanuel Tagoe on April 9th at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas.

When the Vergils were thinking of going to Eddy Reynoso, I liked the idea because he has knowledge and training alongside a great champion like Canelo, it would have been great,” said Oscar De La Hoya on welterweight contender Vergil Ortiz Jr. training with Reynoso.

Image: De La Hoya says Canelo's trainer Reynoso didn't have time for Ryan Garcia or Vergil Ortiz Jr

“The only issue was the time,” De La Hoya continued. “The time. Eddy Reynoso has so many world champions, including the very best one [Canelo Alvarez]. If Canelo tells Eddy, ‘Hey, let’s go on vacation, he drops everything and he goes because they’re best friends.

“So, it wouldn’t have been fair to Vergil or the fighters, and now we see Ryan went with Joe Goosen, which is a great choice,” said De La Hoya about Ryan leaving Reynoso.

“Eddy Reynoso only has time for Canelo. That’s the bottom line. So the choice that Vergil made was an excellent one. Moving out here to LA.

“They have the sparring, they have the trainer who is the second voice, who has the knowledge, has the experience, I think this was a great move, an excellent move,” said De La Hoya.

“We were the only ones in the gym for the most part. We didn’t get to see too much of Eddy [Reynoso],” said Vergil Ortiz Jr. “It’s towards the end of the year, and it’s the holidays, and I couldn’t get sparring either. It’s just a dead time for boxing.

“It was just really bad timing, so we were forced to go somewhere else,” said Vergil.

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