Boots Ennis wants Shawn Porter fight after being called “OVERRATED”

By Boxing News - 02/09/2022 - Comments

By Dan Ambrose:  Jaron’Boots’ Ennis has called out Shawn Porter and askinghim to come out of retirement to fight in reaction to him saying he’s “overrated.”

Not only does Porter feel that Boots Ennis is “overrated,” but also he thinks he’d lose to 33-year-old Keith Thurman if those two were to fight. Thurman was hurt with a body shot from Mario Barrios last Saturday night.

Porter (31-4-1,17 KOs) feels that a fighter that ‘One Time’ Thurman would have problems with is #1 WBA Eimantas Stanionis rather than Boots, who he sees Keith would beat.

Speaking on The Porter Way Podcast, the 34-year-old former IBF/WBC welterweight champion Shawn told his viewers that he feels that ‘Boots’ Ennis (28-0, 26 KOs) because he hasn’t fought anybody yet in terms of champions, and he doesn’t like the idea of building him up when he’s still untested.

The recently knocked-out Porter says he wants to see Boots Ennis, 24, beat someone before he gets on board.

Porter says Boots is “overrated”

“I feel like he can get Boots Ennis out of there, but Eimantas Stanionis is going to be there,” said Shawn Porter on The Porter Way Podcast about a step-up opponent Keith Thurman needs for his next fight after returning from a long layoff.

Image: Boots Ennis wants Shawn Porter fight after being called "OVERRATED"

Boots is overrated,” said Porter. “This is why I say he’s overrated. Everyone is so hyped up on him, but he hasn’t been in the ring with any world champions yet.

“Don’t forget that I’m the dude that said that he’s the closest guy to Roy Jones,” Porter continued about Boots Ennis. “I said that I’m on record, and I believe that.”

Boots calls out Shawn Porter

If Porter wants to test his theory about Boots Ennis being overrated, he can always come out of retirement and fight him. A fight between Porter and Ennis would see with boxing fans, but it might not end well for Shawn.

“But at the same time, every name you throw out,’Boots will smash him. Boots will smash him.’ Damn, let the fights happen. Don’t belatedly say that Boots will smash everybody at 147 pounds,” continued Porter.

“He’ll [Boots] smash him,” said Porter when asked what happens to Mario Barrios if he fights Boots  Ennis next. “I believe Boots is overrated in everyone’s mind because of the way they talk about him.

“Everybody talks about Boots Ennis like he’s going to smash everybody he gets in the ring with. Not giving ANYBODY a chance. ‘Terence Crawford don’t want to see Boots. Errol Spence don’t want to see Boots. Ugas don’t want to see Boots,” said Porter.

It’s fair today that Spence, Crawford will never agree to fight Ennis because he’s too dangerous.

“There’s a guy and Boots is the next guy, but I need it to start happening. I’m just tired of hearing it,” said Porter.

“He’s the most gifted fighter in boxing but when he’s getting caught, he’s getting caught clean,”  said Sean Zittel about Boot Ennis getting hit in fights.

“He’s getting caught on the button, and that is a problem. He was moving in for the kill when he got hit with that.”

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