Boxing Results: Vasyl “Loma” Lomachenko and Richard “RC” Commey

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By Ken Hissner: At Madison Square Garden, in New York, Saturday, Bob Arum (Top Rank), over ESPN+ and ESPN presented in the Main Event former 3-division world champion and two-time Olympic Gold Medalist Vasyl “Loma” Lomachenko and former IBF World Lightweight champion Richard “RC” Commey.

In the Main Event, former 3-division world champ Vasyl “Loma” Lomachenko, 15-2 (11), #134.4, of Ukraine and Oxnard, CA, former IBF World Lightweight champion Richard “RC” Commey, 30-3 (27), #134.2, of Accra, Ghana, and Hillside, NJ, 12 rounds.

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In the first round, it was Commey following until the final seconds when Lomachenko landed a left on the chin. In the second round, Lomachenko started warming up out, boxing Commey, and ending the round driving Commey back several steps with an overhand left on the chin.

In the third round, Lomachenko moved side to side with angles and great footwork, landing a 3-punch combo at one time without return. Commey worked the body but was warned twice for holding by referee Steve Willis.

In the fourth round, both landed 3-punch combinations. Lomachenko followed with half a dozen unanswered punches in the final minute. In the fifth round, Lomachenko would step around Commey, landing punches from various angles. In the sixth rounds, final minute Commey had Lomachenko in a corner when Lomachenko spun out of it and had Commey in the corner.

In the seventh round, after several punches, a left on the chin from Lomachenko dropped Commey for an 8-count by referee Willis. Lomachenko motions to Commey’s corner to stop it. He goes after Commey landing a dozen unanswered punches before a return from Commey. In the eighth round, Lomachenko outworked Commey, who had his moments. In the ninth round, Lomachenko’s hand speed had Commey bewildered.

In the ninth round through the eleventh rounds, Lomachenko out-landed Commey. He missed more than he landed. In the twelfth and final round, at the halfway point, Lomachenko landed a combination to the head, having Commey holding on. At the end of the round, both stopped as Lomachenko nodded toward Commey as if to say, “good fight!”

The scores were 119-108,  117-110and 119-108.

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Heavyweight Jared “The Real Big Baby” Anderson, 11-0 (11), #240, of Toledo, OH, stopped Oleksandr Teslenko, 17-2 (13), #213.8, of Ukraine and Montreal, CAN, at 1:33 of the second round of an 8.

In the first round, Anderson was the aggressor out landing Teslenko, who countered well but sparingly. In the second round, a right followed by a left on the chin of Teslenko, and down he went. He beat the count but was in no condition to continue as referee Danny Schiavonne waved it off.

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Super Lightweight southpaw John “El Terrible” Bauza, 16-0 (7), #140.2, of Catania, PR, stopped Michael “Boy Wonder 150%” Williams, Jr., 19-1 (12), #138.6, of Fayetteville, NC, at 2:18 of the fourth round of an 8.

In the first round, a counter right hook on the side of the head of Williams from Bauza scored a knockdown for an 8-count by referee Charley Fitch. Bauza chased the taller Williams the rest of the round. In the second round, Bauza landed a counter overhand left on the chin and down went Williams for an 8-count. Later in the round, a left dropped him, but referee Fitch called it a slip.

In the third round, Williams, having only beaten two of his nineteen opponents with winning records, showed as he would take a knee when Bauza was attacking him with referee Fitch not warning him for doing such. In the fourth round, Bauza knocked Williams down twice with referee Fitch only calling one a knockdown though hit on the chin with a right. Finally, Bauza dropped Williams with a left on the chin to the canvas, and referee Fitch finally called a halt.

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Featherweight James “Crunch Time” Wilkins, 10-2 (6), #127.2, of Dallas, TX, defeated Juan Tapia, 10-4 (3), #129.4, of Brownsville, TX, over eight rounds.

In the first two rounds, Tapia, with hands to his side easily countered the taller Wilkins, who barely landed a punch. In the third round, Wilkins had Tapia against the ropes landing punches putting Tapia’s head through the ropes taking half a dozen punches before referee Sparkle Lee finally stepped in until he got his head out between the ropes. Early in the fourth round, a power jab from Wilkins on the chin dropped Tapia. Tapia got up after an 8-count from referee Lee and chased Wilkins all over the ring the rest of the round.

In the sixth round, both fighters went to the canvas after not being separated by referee Lee. Tapia won the round, landing more. In the seventh round, the wild swinging Wilkins never shortens his punches while the shorter Tapia gets inside of him. It was close in the eighth and final round, with both going all out.

Scores were 77-75, 77-74, and 76-75, which this writer 76-75, with the knockdown making the difference.

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Super Welterweight Xander Zayas, 12-0 (9), #152.6, of PR and Sunrise, FL, stopped Alessio Mastronunzio, 9-2 (3), #152.2, of Ardea, Lazio, Italy, at 2:52 of the first round of a 6.

In the first round, Zayas landed a right on the chin early in the first minute, dropping Mastronunzio for an 8-count Zayas continued rocking Mastronunzio throughout before the mismatch was finally stopped by referee Danny Schiavonne.

Light Heavyweight Joseph “Mighty” Ward, 6-1 (3), #175.2, of Moate, Ireland, stopped southpaw Britton “Great Britt” Norwood, 10-4-1 (7), #176.4, Las Vegas, NV, at 1:35 of the first of a 6.

Super Lightweight 2021 Olympic Silver Medalist Keyshawn “The Businessman” Davis, 4-0 (3), #137.8, of Norfolk, VA, knocked out Jose Zaragoza, 8-4-1 (2), #136.2, of Mexico and Sedalia, Mo, at 2:51 of round two of a 6.

The taller Davis had an edge using his jab well in the first round. In the second round, a right uppercut from Davis dropped Zaragoza for an 8-count by referee Charley Fitch. Upon rising, Davis went right after Zaragoza landing a left to the liver, dropping him for the count.

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Welterweight Pablo “Primo” Valdez, 6-0 (5), #146, of Lower East Side New York, NY, stopped southpaw Julio Cesar Sanchez, 11-4 (6), #149.6, of Santo Domingo, DR, NY, at 2:40 of the fourth round in a 6.

In the first round, it was Valdez, the busier of the two. The taller southpaw Sanchez did too much showboating but took the second round. In the third round, it was all Valdez with Sanchez continuing to clown around.

In the fourth round, Valdez scored a pair of knockdowns with a flurry of body shots having Sanchez in a corner. A left hook to the body from Valdez dropped Sanchez a third time. Again a left to the body dropped Sanchez a fourth time before Willis finally called a halt. Was a fourth knockdown necessary before Willis finally called a halt?

Welterweight southpaw Kelvin “Night Night” Davis, 3-0 (2), #144, of Norfolk, VA, stopped Ryan “Lion” Schwartzberg, 1-4 (1), #144.8, of Dania, FL, at the end of two rounds in a mismatch.

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In the first round of a mismatch, Davis controlled and drove Schwartzberg into the ropes, and referee Sparkle Lee should have counted it as a knockdown. In the second round, the much taller Davis landed a right hook and left uppercut on the chin, dropping Schwartzberg, causing a bloody nose. Referee Lee started looking for a mouthpiece that never came out. In between rounds, the corner stopped the mismatch.

Middleweight Nico Ali Walsh, 3-0 (2), #159.2, of Las Vegas, NV, defeated Reyes Sanchez, 6-1 (2), #161.8, of Topeka, KS, over four rounds.

In the first round, Walsh used an effective jab to take the first round. In the second round, Walsh had Sanchez in trouble in the final minute of the round with a counter right on the chin having Sanchez holding on up until the bell.

In the third round, both fighters had their moments, with Sanchez landing more and taking the round. In the fourth and final round, in the final minute, Walsh landed a solid left hook on the chin of Sanchez, who held his own up until that point. The referee was Sparkle Lee.

Scores were 38-38, 39-37, and 40-36, with this writer 39-37. Walsh is the grandson of Muhammad Ali.

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