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Babic begging Molina to beat him on Saturday

Image: Babic begging Molina to beat him on Saturday

By Charles Brun: Heavyweight Alen Babic seemed to lose it during Thursday’s press conference, begging his opponent Eric Molina to knock him out this Saturday in their co-feature bout on DAZN at the O2 Arena in London, England.

It was deeply disturbing to watch the way Babic fell apart during his time on the mic.

What started out as amusing with the unbeaten Croatian heavyweight Babic (8-0, 8 KOs) telling the audience that he wants to be beaten ended up sounding like a therapy session in listening to a guy unravel mentally, shifting gears in talking about his life and wanting to be dragged to the bottom.

It was very odd. For a guy that could make a ton of money in the sport, Babic sounded depressed instead of buoyant in talking about his future.

Promoter Eddie Hearn tried to lift Babic’s spirits briefly during the press conference by pointing out that he can make “Life-changing” money if he keeps winning.

Rather than Babic being encouraged by what Hearn told him, it seemed to have the opposite effect on him, resulting in him begging for someone to knock him out.


“Listen, Eddie; I want to be knocked out. How can you be fearful when I want to be defeated,” said Alen Babic during Thursday’s press conference for his fight with Molina this Saturday.

Image: Babic begging Molina to beat him on Saturday

“I crave it, someone please defeat me.  And I crave it; I love it. I want to take that zero from my record; I don’t like it. You take it, f**k you zero. I’m sick and tired, ‘Oh, you’re going to lose.’ Of course, I’m going to lose.  I’ve lost  10,000 times in my life.

“Until Dillian found me, I lost everything,” said Babic. “I was out of boxing with one foot. I was 28-years-old,  I didn’t have money for bread, so I’m not afraid of taking my f****ing zero. Knock me out right now; it’s okay.

“I want to say one more thing. I box for the average Joe.  So, please, I’m going to give you the fight that the average people can watch. I don’t just want to box for the boxing fanatics and the boxing historians.

“You will value me; it’s just a matter of time.  This Saturday, I box for the average Joe, so please come out and support me because I will give you my all.

“I will not take care of myself. I will be reckless, and I’ll do it for my brother, Dillian Whyte. And for anyone that has anything to say about him, say it to my face or his face or shut the f**k up.

“That Swedish guy [Otto Wallin] crying on Instagram.  ‘He doesn’t want.’ Shut your f***ing mouth, boy. Shut the f**k up, boy. I’m getting pissed off. Dillian Whyte is injured.  Don’t let me continue, Eddie [Hearn], stop me,”  said Babic.


“My one question to you, Alen. You talk about the average Joe, and that’s why people warm to you so much,”  said Eddie Hearn. “One, you’re very accessible, and two,  you’re very entertaining, and three, you are f***ing crazy.

“You are sitting in the position where you are the co-main event on a big televised card. A lot of people are talking about you, and a lot of people are interested in watching you as well.

“There are massive life-changing opportunities that are going to present themselves to you if you continue to win, and there are big championship fights there are going to present themselves to you if you continue to win.

“But at the same time,  you have no fear of losing. But are you aware of how close you are to securing some of those life-changing opportunities? Do you think that once you start thinking about that, it takes that fear element in if you like,”  said Hearn.


“Dillian Whyte is a great manager, and you’re a great promoter. So why would I worry about that?”  said Babic in responding to Hearn. “I don’t know s**t about this stuff. I don’t know nothing.

“And I fought on the street for ten years. Now, I sit at a big table at Matchroom shows. I’ve done my life, and I’ve done everything I wanted to do, and I just want to entertain people.

“You know, I never ask for how much money I’m going to get, and I never ask how hurt I’m going to be. And I never ask nothing. I just want to entertain people.

“That’s what I want. I want to entertain the average Joe so they can look at my crazy a** getting beaten up if it’s needed. No problem. Knock me out. Everybody says, ‘He’s going to knock you out.’ Not him, everybody. Knock me out. Come on; I want it.

“I crave it. Knock me the f**k out; I want to sleep for ten days. I’ve fought my whole life. I know what it feels to be down. I can’t wait to get back there.

“No problem, I can live with nothing. I live with nothing for so long. I don’t need this. This is extra, and it’s just extra bonus. If the world event comes and knocks me the f**k out, I’m going to be happy,” Babic said.


“I’m going to say, ‘Thank you.’ I’ve found my top level I can go. If Molina is that guy, let it be. I hope he’s not, but nobody on ten days’ notice is going to knock me out.

“If he does, I’m going to say, ‘This is my end. Thank you, Dillian Whyte. I’m retiring from boxing. This is my end, and I can do nothing more.’ That’s who I am.

“I’m searching for my top, and I just want somebody to beat me. Is that so hard? Just beat the s**t out of me.

“I box guys that are 50 kilos heavier than me every day in the gym. Every day I box guys that are Olympians.

“I have two Olympians in my club. You don’t know how good I am; I keep telling you that.  I love the depressing part of boxing,” said Babic.


“There’s a lot of hype about a fight between you and Filip Hrgovic. Is that something you want as well?” said Hearn to Babic.

“Mr. Eddie Hearn, I told you this ten times. Bring Matchroom to Croatia, and bring that idiot inside the ring. I’m going to tear him out,” said Babic about Hrgovic.

“Boxing is about life. Boxing is not just about technique and stuff like that. He’s good technically, but I’m not going to box with him.

“I’m going to beat him up. He’s ten times smaller man than I am, and I’m tougher than he’s ever saw of me. I just can’t explain what I’m going to do to him.

“I know you don’t believe me; nobody believes me, but just give me the shot.  It’s the fight people want in Croatia, and Croatia wants Matchroom event.

“People will come, and I will destroy [Hrgovic]. I will not box him. I will fight him. I’m a fighter first, and then I’m a boxer,” said Babic.

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