Saunders demands $5M to fight Eubank Jr in rematch

By Charles Brun: Billy Joe Saunders has responded to being called out by Chris Eubank Jr. on Wednesday, saying that he’ll “spank” him for $5 million. Eubank Jr’s promoter Kalle Saunders believes the Eubank Jr. vs. Saunders 2 rematch is big enough to be staged at Wembley Stadium in London.

Eubank Jr. wants to avenge his narrow 12 round split decision defeat to Saunders from November 2014.

Saunders edged the fight by the scores:

  • 115-114 – Saunders
  • 115-113 – Saunders
  • 116-113 – Eubank Jr.

Charles Brun had Eubank Jr. winning the fight by a 116-113 score. Yeah, Eubank Jr. started slowly doing a lot of posing after catching Saunders with clean single shots.

In the second half of the fight, Eubank Jr. completely took over after Billy Joe royally gassed out and was in full retreat mode.

The scoring by the two judges that gave it to Saunders was atrocious, as he didn’t do enough to win. At worst, you can call the fight a draw, but definitely not a win for Saunders.

Is Saunders pricing himself out?

Saunders got $8 million for his fight with Canelo Alvarez last May, so he’s not dropping his asking price much. With Saunders coming off a defeat, you would think that he would be taking the fight at a bargain base discount.

Saunders isn’t in the position to be demanding $5 million for the fight, given how he bowed out against Canelo. I mean, if Saunders went out like a warrior, going out on his shield, maybe he would have a strong argument that he deserves $5 million. But to be quitting on his stool, that’s breaking the warrior code.

Image: Saunders demands $5M to fight Eubank Jr in rematch

Asking for $5 million to face Eubank Jr. could be viewed as code to say, ‘I don’t want the fight.’

“5m, and I will come back and spank you once again .man down,” said @bjsaunders.

Earlier today, Eubank Jr. said that the former two-division world champion Saunders “quit” in his eighth round stoppage loss to Canelo Alvarez on May 8th, bowing out of the fight on his stool after suffering a “black eye.

Eubank Jr. isn’t buying the fractured right orbital bone excuse that Saunders came up with for quitting against Canelo. He says if Billy Joe had a real eye injury, he would have produced the doctor’s report along with photos after surgery to verify that he was injured.

Instead, Saunders showed nothing to the public, and he disappeared from view for the last four months until surfacing today. Some fans think Saunders was in hiding after the loss due to shame.

That $5M request could be interpreted as Saunders (30-1, 14 KOs) turning down the fight with Eubank Jr. by pricing himself out.

Eubank calling Saunders a quitter

“There was no smashed orbital bone, no broken eye socket,” said Eubank Jr. to iFL TV in making it clear that Saunders faked his right eye injury.

“If that were the truth, there would’ve been doctors’ reports, pictures. The guy was driving around in his car a week later with sunglasses on. We’re not sheep. No, he quit,” said Eubank Jr. on Billy Joe quitting on his stool.

Yeah, it is VERY odd that Saunders never surfaced to show the doctor’s report and the photos after his surgery. I mean, you would think that with all the flak that Saunders was getting from boxing fans believing that he faked the eye injury, he should have shown the doctor’s report or, at the very least, photos after the surgery.

But we saw NOTHING, and that has some fans, including Eubank Jr. viewing Billy Joe’s injury as a bogus one, used to squirm out of the criticism that he was taking for quitting on his stool against Canelo.

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