Boxing Results: Jesus “Mono” Ramos Stays Unbeaten Defeating Brian “La Bala” Mendoza!

By Boxing News - 09/06/2021 - Comments

By Ken Hissner: At the Armory in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Sunday over FOX and Fox Sports 1, Leon Margules (Warriors Boxing) and Tom Brown (TGB Promotions) presented in the Main Event Super Welterweights unbeaten Jesus “Mono” Ramos easily defeated Brian “La Bala” Mendoza. In the co-main event, Starling “El Poli” Castillo defeated Juan Carlos Burgos in a competitive close fight over 10 rounds.

In the Main Event Super Welterweight southpaw Jesus “Mono” Ramos, 17-0 (14), #154 ½, of Casa Grande, AZ, easily defeated Brian “La Bala” Mendoza, 19-2 (13), #154 ½, of Las Vegas, NV, over 10 lopsided rounds.

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In the first five rounds, the southpaw Ramos chased a countering Mendoza taking four of the five though close rounds. In the six through the eighth rounds, Mendoza was slowing down and being warned for holding by referee Mark Nelson several times. In the ninth round, Ramos was landing uppercuts to the head and body as Mendoza tried to tie him up. In the tenth and final round, Ramos continued dominating Mendoza, who seemed to lose interest in the second half of the fight.

Scores were all 98-92, with this writer 99-91.

WBA No. 11 ranked Middleweight Jose “Toro” Resendiz, 12-1 (8), #163 ¾, of Compostela, MEX, was upset by Mark Anthony “Madman” Hernandez, 15-4-2 (3), #164, of Fresno, CA, over 10 rounds.

In the second round, Resendiz missed a punch falling to the side of Hernandez while Hernandez reached around, pushing him down. Referee Mark Nelson called it a knockdown. In the third and fourth rounds, Hernandez had an edge with his height and reach advantage.

In rounds five through nine, Hernandez had an edge out landing Resendiz for the most part. In the tenth and final round, both had their moments, with the more experienced and taller Hernandez looking like the winner.

Scores were 96-93 twice and 97-92, as did this writer have it.

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In the Co-Main Event Lightweight southpaw Starling “El Poli” Castillo, 16-0 (12), #135, of San Cristobal, DR, defeated Juan Carlos “Miniburgos” Burgos, 34-6-2 (21), #134 ¾, of Tijuana, Baja CA, MEX, over 10 competitive rounds.

In the first round, southpaw Castillo had an edge, but in the second round, a left hook from Burgos on the chin almost knocked Castillo down. In the third through the fifth rounds, Castillo out-landed Burgos, who mostly went to the body of the taller Castillo.

In the sixth round, referee Charley Fitch warned Burgos of low punches twice. In the seventh and eighth rounds, Burgos came back well with bodywork. In the ninth round, Castillo took a close round. In the tenth and final round, Burgos seemed to edge out Castillo in a fight going right down to the final bell.

Scores were 98-92, 97-93, and 96-94, as did this writer have it
Super Lightweight Justin Cardona, 6-0 (3), #137, of Salinas, CA, defeated Jomar Robles-Cintron, 2-2 (1), #135 ½, of Caguas, PR, over 6 rounds.

All scores were 60-54.

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Super bantamweight Michael Angeletti, 4-0 (3), #121 ½, of Spring, TX, stopped Alexis Salido, 2-1 (1), #121 ¼, of Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, MEX, at 2:24 of the third round of a scheduled 4 rounds.

In the second and third rounds, Salido was down.

Super Middleweight Kyrone “Shut It Down” Davis, 16-2-1 (6), #170 ¼, of Wilmington, DE, defeated Martez McGregor, 8-5 (6), #169 ¾, of Maywood, IL, over 8 rounds.

In the first four rounds, Davis out-landed McGregor, who in the fifth round had a slight edge rocking Davis with a right uppercut on the chin halfway through the round. In the sixth round, McGregor lost two points due to using his elbow on the break on the face of Davis by referee Kevin McCarl.

In the seventh round, McGregor lost a third point for hitting on the break. In the eighth and final round, McGregor hit Davis after the bell though having done enough to have won the round.
Scores were 75-74 twice and 77-72. Losing 3 points on fouls cost McGregor the decision.

Super Welterweight Travon Marshall, 3-0 (2), #150 ¾, of Capitol Heights, MD, stopped Macon Oiler DaSilva, 0-3 (0), #151 ½, of Brazil and Concord, NH, at 1:03 in the second round of a scheduled 4 rounds.

In the second round, DaSilva was down.

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