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Chris Colbert: Fury is going to beat on Wilder

Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury boxing photo and news image

By Allan Fox: Deontay Wilder will take another beating from Tyson Fury on July 24th, says super featherweight Chris Colbert.

Wilder (42-1-1, 4 KOs) doesn’t possess the boxing skills to beat Fury, according to Colbert, and he hasn’t learned from his defeats.

While Deontay has hired a new coach in Malik Scott, this is a guy that he knocked out in the first round years ago. What can Scott teach Wilder when he did so poorly against him.

Colbert doesn’t see this fight as competitive at all.  Fury is so much better than Wilder, as he proved the last time they fought each other.

Wilder doesn’t know how to accept his losses

“Fury is going to beat on him. He can’t f*** with Fury,” said Chris Colbert to ThaBoxingVoice in picking Fury to beat Wilder.

Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury boxing photo and news image

“How are you going to learn from somebody you knocked out?” Colbert said about Wilder now being trained by one of his past knockout victims Malik Scott. “Clip of him [Deontay] hitting pads? Pads don’t hit back.

“I’m saying too. The pads aren’t hitting back. Everybody looks good on pads. Tyson Fury is special. I don’t think anybody f**** with him. I don’t know about him coming in 300 lbs. Whatever he says, he does it.

“You’ve got to listen to him. He told you he was going to stop Wilder. He beat his a**. Everybody wants to make excuses. In the first fight, I think he [Fury] won too. Two knockdowns don’t make you a 12 round fight. Fury was on his a**.

“All the excuses he’s making for the second fight is terrible,” Colbert said about Deontay making excuses about his loss.

“No,” Colbert said about him not believing something was wrong with Fury’s gloves. “Then it was, ‘He spiked his water.’ Come on, man. What are you going to put it in?

‘What did he put in his water? Why would [ex-Wilder trainer] Mark Breland want to f*** up his paycheck? That doesn’t even sound accurate. You got to be stupid to do that.

“You want to sabotage another black man. What did he put in his water? Cocaine? He said Tyson Fury put something in his gloves and then his outfit. There are too many excuses.

“What does the outfit weigh more than use? Does the s*** weigh more than you? 20 lbs are going to make you so tired when you’re walking from there to the ring? He should have never got it.

“That’s your business. Who told you to do that? Tyson Fury didn’t tell you to do that.

“His team didn’t tell him to do that. He can’t take his a** whipping like a man. He don’t know how to take an L,” Colbert said about Wilder.

It’s already been established that Wilder didn’t accept his loss to Fury too well, coming up with a slew of different excuses to try and explain away his defeats.

But if Wilder is more prepared for the rematch because he believes he can win, then the excuses that he came up with were beneficial.

In other words, Wilder didn’t lose his confidence because he saw the loss due to an outside factor.

Colbert: Fury made Deontay look like a sucker

“I said I thought he lost the first fight,” Colbert said of Deontay. “Why is he mad at me? You need someone like me around.

“I’m honest. You got to accept honesty and accept criticism. People don’t like that.

Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury boxing photo and news image

“I don’t care if you’re going to talk to me or not or if you’re going to respect me or not. I’m being honest. I don’t think he [Wilder] was winning the fight.

“That last one [with Fury] was bad. Oh my God. When Tyson Fury beats him this time, what are they going to say he put in his gloves this time?

“I’m trying to figure out what is he [Malik Scott] going to teach him? He [Wilder] said Malik Scott is a boxing genius.

“Why is he looking so terrible in his fights? He don’t look good in his fights. If you’re a boxing genius, you have a mindset of what you can do.

“He won’t have a mindset of what you can do. He went in there with Wilder, and Wilder hit his glove, and he dropped to the ground.

“Tyson Fury says, ‘I’m not worried about nothing.’ He made Wilder look like a sucker,” said Colbert.

Fury did make Wilder look a little silly with the way he dominated him, knocking him down twice in their rematch last year in February 2020. But that was one defeat, and Wilder can avenge the loss if he’s ready on July 24th.

More than anything, Wilder must be prepared to deal with an aggressive Fury because that’s likely how he’s going to be fighting. Fury will use the same game plan as in the second fight because it worked so well.

Deontay blamed his loss on his trainer

“You just changed your trainer to somebody you knocked the f**** out, and Tyson Fury beat him [Malik] up too [in sparring],” Colbert continued. Now what?

“You lost, so you changed trainers. Tyson Fury won [editor’s note: Fury fought Wilder to a draw in the first fight], and he changed his trainer because he felt he could get some more learning.

“There’s always some more learning that you can do. He [Fury] did not lose. He [Wilder] lost.

“He got the s*** beat out of him, and he changed trainers, and he blamed it on the trainer [Mark Breland] because he lost.

“The trainer was saving his life. He broke his other eye. I’m not biased. I don’t even know Breland. What am I biased about him?

“It doesn’t have anything to do with me. He didn’t give me no money. I’m honest. Tyon Fury is just a better person. You got to take that and run with it.

“He [Deontay] should have fought somebody else. He should have fought Joshua, and he would have had a better shot. Joshua lost too.

“Joshua got knocked out. They both got knocked out. He’s [Wilder] not getting his belts back.

“That is not happening. I’m seeing Fury all day. I’ve been since the first fight because, skill-wise, I think Tyson Fury has got it.

“That is the only way it can happen,” Colbert said about the only way Wilder can win is if he stops Fury.

Wilder was upset with his trainer Mark Breland for halting the fight in the seventh round because he wanted to set Fury up for a big right hand. Breland stopping the fight prevented Wilder from nailing Fury with one of his right hands.

Danny Garcia says third fight will be even

“I think it’s going to go 12 rounds, and I think it’s going to be a close fight,” said Danny Garcia about the Fury vs. Wilder III clash.

“He’s just saying that because he’s an Al Haymon boy,” said Cobert about Danny Garcia.

“The first fight was a draw; it was a close fight,” said Danny on the first fight between Wilder and Fury ending up a draw.

“He [Deontay] knocked him down two times. The second time, Fury was more mentally ready than Wilder.

“Now I think he’s [Wilder] going to be more mentally ready. That’s why I think it’s going to be an even fight. It’s going to be boxer vs. power.

“If you’re not mentally ready for the fight, it doesn’t matter how hard you trained.

“You’re not going to perform well, and that’s what happened to him [Wilder].

“You could tell he [Deontay] didn’t think it was going to be a hard fight like that because he was thinking about the first fight in how easy he dropped him [Fury in the 12th], and he almost knocked him out.

“Yeah, he got beat in the second fight. Everybody knows he got beat in the second fight.

“I think the third fight is going to be more competitive. I think it’s going to go 12 rounds. It’s going to be 115-113. That type of score” said Danny.

“I know you thought he [Deontay] was going to win. He did not. He got murdered. Cemetery. You can’t f*** with him,” said Colbert.

Danny Garcia seems to have a more balanced outlook on the third Fury vs. Wilder clash than Colbert.

What Danny says about Deontay being surprised by the sudden change in fighting style for Fury in the rematch is accurate.

Not only did Fury suddenly transform himself into an aggressive fighter, but he also came into the contest 20 lbs heavier.

The added weight helped Fury’s game because he could use it to walk Wilder down and pummel him.

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