Bernard Hopkins: Golovkin and Munguia are on a collision course

By Boxing News - 04/04/2021 - Comments

By Allan Fox: Bernard Hopkins of Golden Boy Promotions says Gennadiy Golovkin and Jaime Munguia are on a collision course for a fight that he expects to take place this year.

They were unable to negotiate a fight this time around, says Hopkins, but he expects them to bump heads at some point in 2021.

For the Golovkin fight to have any chance of happening, Munguia, 24, will need to win his match this month against Maciej Sulecki on April 24th.

Bernard isn’t saying what got in the way of the Golovkin vs. Munguia contest from getting made, but it’s easy to assume that they couldn’t agree on the money.

Hopkins says Golovkin (41-1-1, 36 KOs) wants to get “revenge,” and fighting Munguia (36-0, 29 KOs) might be one way for him to get that.

Golovkin lost a close 12 round majority decision to former Golden Boy fighter Canelo Alvarez in 2018, and he’s been denied a rematch to try and avenge the defeat. The longer Canelo waits, the better it is for him in the third fight with GGG.

Some boxing fans believe that Canelo, 30, has chosen to age Golovkin by waiting as long as possible before facing him again. Golovkin turns 39 this Thursday, April 8th.

Hopkins: Golovkin wants revenge

“I would have loved to have seen him against Golovkin. That would have been a fight that he can win or he could lose,” said Hopkins to Fino Boxing about a fight that failed to get made between Golovkin and Munguia.

Image: Bernard Hopkins: Golovkin and Munguia are on a collision course

“I think Golovkin still has some fire in his belly and something to prove. He would love to get some type of revenge for any means necessary to him,” Hopkins said, implying that GGG would avenge his loss to Canelo Alvarez by using Munguia.

“For that fight not to happen, it was okay. It was definitely a good reason that I can’t speak about it, but there are going to be some good fights that he’s [Munguia] going to do this year,” said Hopkins on the Golovkin vs. Munguia fight failing to happen.

It’s doubtful that Golovkin views fighting Munguia as a way of getting “revenge” for his loss to Canelo.

The only way for Golovkin to get revenge is by fighting Canelo and beating him, but the Mexican star is making it impossible by choosing not to fight him.

Maybe if Canelo were still with Golden Boy, it might be a way for GGG to exact some payback, but that doesn’t seem like something that he would be thinking. Munguia has nothing to do with Canelo.

Additionally, Munguia is a flawed fighter who arguably should have a loss on his record from his fight with Dennis Hogan.

Golovkin gains nothing from beating Munguia other than a payday and another safe fight.

GGG vs. Munguia possible in 2021

“Yes, because they’re on a collision course,” said Hopkins when asked if fans will see the Golovkin vs. Munguia fight in 2021. “That’s a fight that has a lot of conversations now, and it’s going to have more conversations as it gets closer.

Image: Bernard Hopkins: Golovkin and Munguia are on a collision course

“I want that fight, Oscar wants that fight, we want that fight,” said Hopkins on the GGG vs. Munguia match-up.

“We just need to let the politics work in favor of the fans and the fighters because that’s always been a problem in boxing and getting things done.

“Everybody must be treated fairly, and not taken advantage of and not letting the fighter fulfill his future Hall of Fame opportunities and career that they’re striving for,” said Hopkins.

It sounds like Hopkins is hinting that Munguia wasn’t offered a sweet enough deal for the Golokvin fight.

Golovkin would be better off fighting a rematch with Sergiy Derevyanchenko or facing Jermall Charlo rather than Munguia. That’s a poor opponent. Munguia is not going to be a star, and it’s only a matter of time before he loses.