Eddie Hearn: Mauricio Lara could be a star, but I still want Warrington to beat him

By Charles Brun: Promoter Eddie Hearn has signed Mauricio Lara to a two-fight deal with Matchroom Boxing. He says he believes he could be a “star” after he absolutely obliterated the doomed Josh Warrington last Saturday night at Wembley.

It was hard not to notice the gleam in Hearn’s eyes when he talked of Lara, 22, turning into a superstar,

The shrewd Hearn was quick to sign Lara (22-2, 15 KOs) to a two-fight deal, and he could strike gold with this signing. Finding the equivalent of ‘Old Spindletop’ without even looking for it.

If Hearn can turn Lara into a star overnight, it would major addition to his Matchroom. It would be one of those situations with Hearn stumbling over a gold nugget without even looking for it.

Image: Eddie Hearn: Mauricio Lara could be a star, but I still want Warrington to beat him

What’s interesting is Hearn is still playing coy by not dumping the defeated Warrington overboard after his loss, but you can imagine that could be a senior we may see soon.

It’s not that Hearn would royally dump Warrington, but I can see it where he’s put in the ignored category and forgotten. One more loss, and this writer could see that happen with Warrington.

Hearn signed Mauricio Lara to a 2-fight deal

“We have Lara signed to a two-fight deal,” said Hearn to iFL TV about having signed Warrington’s conqueror Mauricio to a two-fight deal with Matchroom.

Image: Eddie Hearn: Mauricio Lara could be a star, but I still want Warrington to beat him

“My own desire is to see Josh beat him in a rematch, but of course, my global outlook is Mauricio Lara could end up being a star. I’m being honest, but I want Josh Warrington to beat him,” said Hearn.

It’s hilarious to listen to Hearn talk about Lara potentially becoming a star, and then in his next breath, he’s saying he wants Warrington to beat him. He’s literally talking out of both sides of his mouth.

Warrington vs. Lara rematch in late summer

“I see this rematch stuff is going on,” said Hearn. “When people say, ‘Oh, he’s got options on Lara. He’s got a rematch once again.’ Look, let me make something clear to you.

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“When you’ve got a massive A-side in a fight, or you have a champion, and I know Josh Warrington wasn’t defending a belt, it’s absolutely standard practice to have options or a rematch on a guy that you’ve literally given an opportunity to from.

“The same with Andy Ruiz, the same with Whyte-Povetkin because Dillian was defending his interim world title fight and his [WBC] mandatory position.

“That’s something we’ve exercised with Mauricio Lara’s team, and it will be set for the end of the summer, and we believe fans will be back, and I believe Josh Warrington will get a victory,” said Hearn.

I hope Hearn knows what he’s doing in making this rematch because Warrington’s career could be heading towards the trash bin in taking on Lara again.

Anyone that had their eyes open while watching the fight could see that Lara was too good for Warrington. Heck, it doesn’t matter if Warrington tries to box Lara next time out; he’s going to get knocked out again.

There are no two ways about it. Lara is too young, too big, and too powerful for Warrington, and it’s going to end badly for Josh no matter how many times these two fight.