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Logan Paul explains reason why Floyd Mayweather exhibition bout postponed

Image: Logan Paul explains reason why Floyd Mayweather exhibition bout postponed

By Allan Fox: YouTuber Logan Paul confirmed on Tuesday that his previously scheduled February 20th exhibition match with Floyd Mayweather Jr has indeed been postponed, but he says the two of them will still be fighting eventually.

Logan, 25, the brother of Jake Paul, says that Mayweather’s team wants to ensure that he’s ready. Although Logan didn’t come out and say it, he seems to be hinting that the 43-year-old Mayweather Jr (50-0, 27 KOs) wasn’t physically ready to return to the ring by next month on February 20th.

In looking at the social media video clips that Mayweather has been posting lastly, he’s been doing a lot of lounging around the pool, walking around his giant house, showing off his cars.

Mayweather doesn’t look like he’s been preparing for the fight against the hulking 6’2″ Logan.

Obviously, the Mayweather-Logan exhibition match is a mismatch on paper, but you can’t rule out Paul winning if he catches Floyd out of shape and unprepared. Logan has power, and Mayweather has been living the life of a near-billionaire. You can’t fault Mayweather if he’s having motivation problems to get mentally engaged for his training.

Logan talks about camp information leak

“I’ve been a little upset at the narrative I’ve seen online,” said Logan Paul to The Night Shift Gaming. “I’m a little upset. It’s stupid. A guy that we had come to test to be a strength & conditioning coach or join the camp to do rubber band exercises, leaked pertinent information about the fight.

Image: Logan Paul explains reason why Floyd Mayweather exhibition bout postponed

“I always have a problem when I’m not in control of the narrative because people shift it to get headlines and make news or whatever. So soon as this got out that the fight was being pushed, and the word got out, I was like, ‘Oh f***, we’ve had a leak inside our camp.

“No one was supposed to know that.’ Then the narrative changed to, ‘Floyd Mayweather – Logan Paul postponed due to quote-unquote, like a quote, ‘Lack of interest.’ And they quoted something, like who are you quoting?” said Logan.

Paul is making a big deal out of nothing. It doesn’t matter that someone leaked the information about his exhibition match with Mayweather being postponed.

Yeah, Logan wanted to be the one that was in control of the narrative in explaining why the match is being postponed. It amounts to the same thing, through.

Even if Logan or Mayweather were the first to put a spin on why their match is being postponed, boxing fans would still think the exhibition is being postponed due to lack of interest.

It’s troubling that Logan can’t understand why fans would suspect the worst in the reasons behind the postponement. It’s a terribly awful fight on paper. Any way you want to look at it, it’s a horrible fight.

Logan says Mayweather fight still happening

“I actually don’t know how much I can say,” said Logan. “I’ll say this. The complications are that when you’re dealing with someone like Floyd Mayweather, who is the most desired highest-paid fighter on the planet, and he operates at a certain caliber, and the people around him want to make sure their talent, their fighter is performing at a certain level, there’s a lot of hoops to jump through.

Image: Logan Paul explains reason why Floyd Mayweather exhibition bout postponed

“There are a lot of people involved, and you only got one shot at it, so you need to get it absolutely 1000% right. We’re just making sure we’re doing that.

“But I’m still going to beat the s*** out of Floyd Mayweather or he’s still going to beat the s*** out of me. Who knows? My point is, it’s still going to happen,” said Logan Paul.

It’s unclear how long Mayweather will wait before rescheduling the exhibition match with Paul. If he wants to make the most money possible in this match, Mayweather needs to wait until the pandemic is over with, and the U.S economy has recovered.

Right offhand, I’d say 2023 or 2024 would be a good time for Mayweather to fight Paul.

Logan is a YouTuber, not a real boxer with a background in boxing. He’s just a guy that is a popular talking head on his YouTube channel.

Floyd is taking advantage of the situation for easy money at the expense of the gullible boxing fans, who will purchase it thinking it’s going to be a fun fight to watch.

Paul insists fans were interested in Mayweather-Logan 

“There hasn’t been a fight that has made this much noise the whole year,” said Logan.  “Just releasing the s*** went viral as f***. It frustrated me. That luckily didn’t get that much traction.

Image: Logan Paul explains reason why Floyd Mayweather exhibition bout postponed

“A few faulty publications picked it up. It’s a really good way to tell which public news outlets and publications are valid and invalid.

“You never trust where you’re getting your news sources from. But yeah, we’re figuring it out right now. There are some complications with,” Paul said.

It sounds like Logan is in denial about the lack of interest in his fight with Floyd. He needs to step back and separate himself from this.

If he steps back, has a cup of coffee, and views it objectively, I think he’ll realize that fans are disgusted with this fight and want no part of it.


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