Ryan Garcia: Luke Campbell has no chance on Jan.2nd

By Charles Brun: Ryan Garcia says he’s already well-prepared for his 12-round match against Luke Campbell on January 2nd, and he says he has no chance of winning.

King Ryan (20-0, 17 KOs) states that the only chance that Luke, 33, would have is if he didn’t train, but he says he has.

Garcia and Campbell (20-3, 16 KOs) will be headlining on DAZN at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. They’ll be fighting for the interim WBC lightweight title.

The Garcia – Campbell fight winner will be free to take on WBC lightweight champion Devin Haney next. Ryan says he’s going to set-up a fight against WBA lightweight champion Gervonta Davis if he wins.

Ryan Garcia inviting Campbell to try and KO him

“I know it’s a big moment in my career, and I’m taking it 100% serious,” said Ryan Garcia to Esnews. “I want to make a statement. Obviously, you’ve got to train for it, prepare for it, and that’s what I’ve been doing.

Image: Ryan Garcia: Luke Campbell has no chance on Jan.2nd

“He’s a good fighter, but I think he’d give me problems if I didn’t work my a** off. Luckily, I’m a very talented fighter and I have speed, timing, and reflexes.

The only chances he had is if I didn’t work hard, so I guess he has none. They obviously think I’ not 100% focused, but in reality, I’m so focused and I’m ready to prove to everybody I’m here for a long time.

“That’s the statement I’m making in this fight. I don’t care about looking pretty for this fight, I don’t care about the looks.

“I don’t care about anything other than hurting Luke Campbell. All I want to do is hurt him. I got into a zone where I don’t care about how I look.

“I don’t care about doing my eyebrows, I don’t care about anything. You can judge me all you want. I’m leaving it all inside the ring. I want to be the best inside the ring.

“I don’t care how I look outside. All I know is, he says he’s in his prime,” said Ryan about Campbell. “He’s confident that he’s going to win this fight, and he has no excuses and he has no excuses after the fight.

“That’s all I ask. No matter what happens in the ring, you’re going to see me firing away. Luke Campbell, if you want to come knock me out, let’s go,” said King Ryan.

Luke has already made it clear that he’s going to be looking to knockout Garcia on Jan 2nd. For Ryan’s sake, hopefully, he’s been working on his defense.

King Ryan: Canelo wants me to hit them in the arms

“Canelo is very talented, he’s strong, he doesn’t waste his punches,” said Ryan Garcia about Canelo Alvarez. ‘When he throws, he hits you hard because he doesn’t waste any energy.

Image: Ryan Garcia: Luke Campbell has no chance on Jan.2nd

“Unless you have some talent and can snap off some good punches, there’s no way you’re going to keep that man off of you. He has very good defense.

“He wants me to hit them in the arms. ‘Canelo, I don’t like to hit people in the arms because I want to hit their face.’ He’s like, ‘Trust me, it works.’ I’m like, ‘Alright, I’ll do it.’

Punching Campbell on the arms will be a risky thing for Garcia to do because the British fighter is going to fire back his own power shots and give Ryan something to think about.

It worked for Canelo last Saturday night to target the biceps of Callum Smith because he was fighting in a stationary manner with his back against the ropes for a prolonged period of time.

If Ryan tries to hit Smith on his biceps, he’s going to respond in kind, and that could make it interesting.

Tank Davis is the fight Garcia wants next

“That’s the fight I want,” Ryan Garcia said about Tank Davis. “After this one, I’m heading straight for. I’m looking to make a statement with Luke Campbell, and then I want that with Gervonta Davis.

Image: Ryan Garcia: Luke Campbell has no chance on Jan.2nd

“I’m going to go straight for that. I know a lot of people will think otherwise on my decision, but I know for a fact that I can beat Gervonta Davis and shock the world.

“It’s going to break the Internet,” King Ryan about a fight between him and Gervonta Davis. “Everyone in the world is going to want to watch that fight, celebrities, rappers.

“Anybody you can think of, Lebron James, they’re all going to want to see that fight.

“That’s the fight that I want to give to the people and the fans. So after this one [Campbell] lookout for the call out, and me screaming for Tank Davis,” Garcia said.

Wit Ryan talking about the number of boxing fans and celebrities that will be watching his fight against Tank Davis, it sounds like a cash-out.

Ryan needs to be less concerned with the number of people that will be watching him and Tank fight, and more about how he can win.

Ryan wants to face Haney in his prime

“I want prime, prime, prime,” said Ryan about wanting to wait to face Devin Haney while he’s in his prime.

Image: Ryan Garcia: Luke Campbell has no chance on Jan.2nd

“I want to win while they’re in their prime. If I beat four fighters in their prime, they can’t say nothing about me for the rest of my career.

“That’s why I say I’m getting out by the time I’m 26 because I’m done. After I beat these guys in their prime, that’s what I expect to do and that’s what I want to do in my dream.

“If that doesn’t make me the best of all time, I don’t know what does,” said Ryan.

It’s unknown how long King Ryan wants to wait before he decides to face Devin Haney.

Given that Ryan, 22, plans on retiring by the time he’s 26-years-old, he can’t afford to wait too long for Haney to enter his prime. Ryan’s early retirement talk makes it necessary for hm to fight Haney as soon as possible.

You got to figure that Haney will be in his prime by the time he’s 25 or 26, but Ryan might no longer be fighting at 135 by then.

Moreover, there’s a chance that Ryan’s career may implode long before Haney hits his prime.

If Campbell beats Ryan like many boxing fans are predicting he will, you can forget any discussions about a fight between him and Haney.

Garcia giving Logan Paul tips on Mayweather fight

“I told Logan [Paul], ‘The best thing you got going for you is they didn’t tell you that you have to be a certain weight,'” said Ryan about Logan Paul facing Floyd Mayweather Jr. in February.

Image: Ryan Garcia: Luke Campbell has no chance on Jan.2nd

“‘Be as heavy as can be, don’t waste none of your punches, and only go for a knockout punches because there’s no way you’re out-boxing Floyd Mayweather Jr.

“Your best chance is to not get tired, and throw one hard shot at least every round, and place it where you’re in a very good position because Floyd is looking for just one thing.

“He’s going to come forward and try and get you tired,” said Ryan Garia on what Mayweather will be trying to do against Logan Paul.

In looking at Logan Paul workout on Monday, he’s really working hard on the resistance exercises to increase his strength. That’s not an area that Paul needs help in.

Logan needs to be working on his cardiovascular system because he gets winded just doing shadow boxing. In his fight against YouTuber KSI last year, Logan was out of breath and near helpless after the first round. K

SI had no skills, but he still won the fight by having the superior cardio.