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BT Sports Crushes Tyson Fury Glove-gate

Image: BT Sports Crushes Tyson Fury Glove-gate

By Damian Poole: BT Sports is backing there newly crowned WBC champion “Tyson The Gypsy King Fury” (30-0-1-21 KOs) in a devastating fashion to end this ridiculous glove-gate scandal once and for all!

Ever since Tyson Fury shocked the boxing world by demolishing the former WBC world champion, Deontay “Bronze Bomber” Wilder (42-1-1-41 KOs) back in February. There has been a small group of devoted Wilder fans, aka “Wilderetts,” mainly for the LDBC community, who are having a hard time taking this loss on the chin in a magnanimous fashion.

The bitter pill to swallow appears to be too much for these Wilderetts. So much so, they have taken to social media to concoct allegations that Tyson Fury cheated in order to justify the loss of their champion Deontay Wilder. These allegations ranged from Wilder’s water being spiked to make him more lethargic during the fight.

  • Tyson Fury’s hand was not in the glove properly
  • Tyson Fury’s glove had padding removed to make his punches hit harder
  • Tyson Fury’s glove was loaded with a blunt object, causing a dent to Wilder’s head
  • Tyson Fury failing a drugs test
  • Tyson Fury illegal rabbit punches during the fight.

While most of these allegations are just “opinions,” and some can be debunked or explained. For example, the apparent drug failed test by Tyson was debunked by VADA when they released the test results of both boxers. And the rabbit punch that knocked down Wilder in the 3rd round was caused by a deflected shot off Wilder’s shoulder, which resulted in Tyson punching Deontay behind the ear. Though it’s funny that these Wilderetts do not have an issue with Wilder rabbit punching Luis Ortiz on multiple occasions. I counted about seven illegal rabbit punches by Wilder on Ortiz when they faced one another. What’s good for the Goose is good for the gander, But I’m not about to get into a tit-for-tat blame game. So, I will digress.

YouTube video

The main conspiracy theory is focused around Tyson’s gloves, and how these were wrapped, had padding removed and loaded with a blunt object. This evidence was brought forward by Marsellos Wilder, claiming that his brothers “autopsy” revealed a dent to the side of Deontay’s skull, which was not caused by a glove or fist. First of all, I’d like to state that Deontay wilder is alive, and well, I believe Marsellos is referring to the medical report, not autopsy. Secondly, a fist punch to the head can, in fact, break bones and fracture bones, Kell Brook is living proof of this…Twice!! And lastly, it’s news to me that bones can dent! I just thought they could only be broken or fractured.

But, upon writing this article, I did some research about bone dents. Low and behold, it is possible to dent domes, though this would be classed as a severe injury. According to the, “Car accidents, falls, or severe blows to the head can cause what’s called a depressed fracture in your skull. A depressed fracture means that a part of your skull has been crushed in toward your brain. This kind of injury requires emergency medical treatment.”

To my best knowledge, Wilder hasn’t received any emergency medical autopsy to his skull. Though he does suffer from brittle bones. I’ve lost count the number of times Wilder has broken his hands and needed metal rods inserted. Yes, that correct Wilder has metal implants in his hand after breaking it against an opponent. Furthermore, apparently, this metal bar in his band was bent after facing Luis Ortiz. Read into that as you will.

With these self-proclaimed pictures, which are evidence of Tyson’s glove, tampering shows how thin the padding was around the knuckles. With visible indentations of Tyson’s fingers for all to see, fuelling the fire of the LDBC position of foul play. All this Suggests a theory that someone or some people who were present when Tyson got his hands wrapped were a part of the plot to help Tyson cheat. That would include the Nevada State Officials in the burgundy-colored jackets, Wilder’s personal Trainer Jay Deas, WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman, and legendary Jacob Duran.

To have that, many people present while Tyson gets his hands wrapped would make it hard to believe that they are part of the same conspiracy. Or that some way Tyson was able to manipulate the wrapping process without all of those people present seeing it is just ridiculous.

But the DEVASTATING nail in the coffin against these allegations was landed when BT Sports released a YouTube video showing Jay Deas watching Tyson getting his hands wrapped along with state officials and a whole bunch of other people—making it IMPOSSIBLE for Tyson or anyone on his team to tamper with the gloves. If this video proof isn’t a “game set and match” against the glove-gate theory. Then I don’t know what is!! If you are a Wilderett, and still believe there was glove tampering after watching this video. Then why hasn’t Wilder sacked Jay Deas, why hasn’t Wilder proceeded with legal action against Tyson, and finally why is Wilder set to face Tyson in December for the third time?

Does that sound like the actions and rational thinking of a man whose life was in danger by a so-called cheat? At the end of the day, all we have to remember is. It’s not Deontay Wilder making these claims. But his followers, having said that. Wilder could have stopped all these fake rumors by releasing a statement. But I guess Tyson beat the logic out of him.

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