David Benavidez checks Caleb Plant for DUCKING Canelo Alvarez

By Boxing News - 02/21/2020 - Comments

By Dan Ambrose: David Benavidez SLAMMED IBF super-middleweight champion Caleb ‘Sweethands’ Plant on Thursday on social media for turning down a fight with Canelo Alvarez that was still 10 weeks away.

WBC super-middleweight champion Benavidez says Plant tried to cover up his unwillingness to fight Canelo fight by lying about it, saying that he sent offers out to Callum Smith and Gennadiy Golovkin for a fight.

Were offers sent to Callum Smith and GGG ?

Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated says Plants’ manager Luis DeCubas merely talked to WBA super-middleweight champion Callum’s promoter Eddie Hearn, but NO offers were made to him. Plant says an offer WAS made to Callum and GGG. Is Plant on the same page as his manager Decubas?

Last Saturday night on February 15, Plant surprised the boxing media by telling them that he couldn’t fight Canelo on May 2, because he needed his rest following his 10th round knockout win over Vincent Feigenbutz.

Plant complained that he would only be getting 2 weeks of rest from the Feigenbutz fight if he agreed to fight Canelo on May 2. In other words, Plant, 27, would need to start training camp to start getting ready for that fight after a couple of weeks of unwinding from his bout against Feigenbutz

Benavidez to Plant: Why turn down the Canelo fight?

“First of all, you just turned down a fight with Canelo that’s still 10 weeks away,” said Benavidez [enavidez300] to Caleb Plant on his Instagram site. “If you think you’re better than every other super middleweight, why turn that fight [Canelo] down with plenty of time left? You’re a p—- that just talks out of his a—, that’s why.

“Now that everyone knows that you’re a p—, you try and lie and say you sent an offer to Callum Smith and GGG to fight. LMAO! Why don’t you tell Luis Decubas to send me an offer tomorrow for a unification bout between me and you and we’ll get it done, little boy.

“All you do is run your f— mouth like a b—-, and only fight bum —- dudes like Mike Lee and Vincent Feigenbutz. That’s why you think you’re the s—,” said Benavidez.

“@calebplant talking out his a– again lol,” continued Benavidez. “We can get this fight done ASAP! Tired of waiting and hearing you run your mouth. Let’s get it done,” said Benavidez.

As you can see here, Benavidez is trashing Plant for his decision not to take the Canelo fight, and slamming him for his weak opposition.

Fans have a hard time understanding how Plant could turn down a chance of a lifetime in facing Canelo Alvarez.  Plant says he would need to start another long 9-week training camp, but he’s already in shape now. He wouldn’t necessarily need to start a long training camp right away because he’s in tip dop condition already. If anything, he could probably work out lightly for 3 to 4 weeks, and then start a full training camp for the Canelo fight.

Plant says offers were sent to GGG and Callum

“We’ve sent offers to Callum and GGG,” said Plant on Thursday. “Hopefully, we hear back soon and if not, then tell Oscar [De La Hoya] if he thinks I’m scared [of Canelo Alvarez], then let’s get it cracking in the Fall with Canelo,” said Plant.

It’s still hard for boxing fans to understand how Plant would reject a fight with Canelo due to him not having the rest that he wanted. Plant says he wants to fight Canelo in the fall. He doesn’t seem to realize that this opportunity may never present itself to him ever again. The 27-year-old Plant isn’t popular enough to dictate terms to Canelo Alvarez, because he’s the face of boxing.

Canelo’s promoter Oscar De La Hoya made it clear this week that they won’t be making an offer again. They’re moving on. So by Plant saying he can’t take the fight due to him needing his test, he could be losing out on the possibility of ever getting the Canelo fight.