Terence Crawford’s trainer Brian McIntyre says Errol Spence fight happens in 2020

By Boxing News - 01/09/2020 - Comments

By Chris Williams: Terence Crawford’s trainer Brian McIntyre says Bud called Errol Spence Jr. this week, and they confirmed that the two will definitely be fighting in 2020.

McIntyre is in favor of IBF/WBC welterweight champion Spence Jr. (26-0, 21 KOs) taking a warm-up fight first because of the car crash that he was involved in last October. Without Spence’s management speaking, it’s impossible to buy all the things McIntyre is saying.

Spence is coming off of a bad car crash last October, and he may need more than one fight to get back to 100%. The management for Spence isn’t going to rush him into the fight with Crawford just because the Omaha, Nebraska native is complaining night and day on social media about Errol not fighting him.

McIntyre wants to make sure that Spence gets a tune-up in BEFORE he fights Crawford, because he wants to make sure he gets credit after he beats Spence.

Crawford doesn’t want to fight Porter because he’s not a champion – McIntyre

“First of all, it’s about what Terence wants to do and Terence always said, he wants the champions,” said McIntyre said to Thaboxingvoice when asked WHY Crawford doesn’t want to fight Shawn Porter next. “Porter don’t have a belt no more, so what’s the use of fighting him? So who’s got the belts? Manny [Pacquiao] and Spence, and that’s who we’re going after.”

“Those two fighters,” said McIntyre about who Crawford wants to fight in 2020. “We’ll, Terence has been in the gym for the last 2 weeks, and we haven’t sat down to go over the next fight yet, but I’m sure it’s going to be for a title. The first quarter, we’ll do April or May, somewhere around there,” said McIntyre about when Crawford will be fighting next.

McIntyre states that the reason why WBO welterweight champion Crawford (36-0, 27 KOs) doesn’t want to fight Shawn Porter (30-3-1, 17 KOs) next is because he doesn’t have a world title in his possession.

Despite Spence likely not being available for Crawford’s next fight in April or May. McIntyre’s excuse for WHY Crawford isn’t looking to fight Porter is a horribly poor one, and it comes across like he’s afraid of taking the fight. It’s fine if Crawford doesn’t fancy the job in fighting Porter.

McIntyre says he STILL believes he’ll be fighting for a world title at that time. He says the two names that Crawford wants for his next fight is Spence or Manny Pacquiao.

This means that he believes that that Crawford will be fighting Pacquiao next, which isn’t likely going to happen. So in other words, Crawford WON’T be fighting another world champion in his next fight, but he STILL doesn’t want to fight Porter.

McIntyre: Crawford and Spence spoke on the phone this week and agreed to fight

“They sure did, and they came to terms that they both want the fight, and they should be getting put together in the near future,” said Mcintyre about Terence speaking to Spence on the phone this week to discuss a future fight.

“Yeah, definitely that, and that’s what we’re expecting,” said McIntrye when asked if fans we’ll see Spence and Crawford fighting in 2020. “I’d like to see him [Spence] have a fight first, because after Terence beats him, I don’t want no excuses said that he wasn’t 100 percent,” said McIntye.

It doesn’t make any difference what Spence and Crawford said on the phone. Unless Spence’s management are the ones that are saying that he’ll be fighting Crawford in 2020, then it’s not going to happen.

Fighters have management for a reason. They’re the ones that do the negotiating. You can argue that Spence shouldn’t be talking to Crawford about putting a fight together with him in 2020 ithout his management there doing the talking. That’s what they’re for. Fighters do the fighting, and the management negotiate. Spence should let his management do their job. Ultimately, they’re the ones that should be deciding when Spence fights Crawford.

Now that Spence has supposedly talked to Crawford, Terence will be complaining long and hard on social if the fight doesn’t happen in 2020.

Crawford wants 50-50 split for Spence fight – McIntyre

“I like that Bud is Tweeting like that,” said Crawford’s trainer Brian McIntyre to Thaboxingvoice. “He’s letting everyone know that they can fight tomorrow if they want the fight. I like that. This is what they’ve been talking about for like for the last year and a half, ‘I want to fight Spence.’

“He keeps telling me from time to time, ‘I’m going to beat Spence’s a–.’ We’ve been trying to get Spence since last year. There’s been offers sent, but they got their own agenda over there. It’s a 50-50 fight,” said McIntyre when asked if Crawford would agree to a 60-40 split against Spence.

What McIntyre says about Crawford wanting a 50-50 purse split for the Spence fight could be the show stopper for him getting a fight with Spence. Crawford isnt likely going to get the 50-50 split that he wants, because he’s not a pay-per-view fighter like Errol. At this point, the only way Crawford gets a 50-50 split is if Spence speaks up and orders his management at Premier Boxing Champions to give Crawford 50%. I don’t think Spence will do that, because why should he?

Porter brawled with Kavaliauskas because he wanted to KO him

“‘I just wanted to knock the mother-f—- out, and I wanted to be the first to do it,'” said McIntyre in saying what Crawford told him about why he brawled with Egidijus Kavaliauskas instead of boxed him. “Still, there’s ways to go about it, but it took him a few rounds to get him into his head. Once he got into his rhythm, it was a wrap,” said McIntyre.

Crawford’s decision to brawl with Kavaliauskas almost cost him the fight when he was dropped by him early on, and the referee blew the call. McIntyre said he thought it was a slip, but that’s not what it looked like on slow motion replay.

Kavaliauskas hit Crawford with a punch, and he went down. To say that was a slip sounds unbelievable. Fortunately, the referee’s flubbed call on the knockdown didn’t have an impact on the fight, since Crawford won the fight anyway. Still, you’d like to see the officiating make the right calls, and now blow it like that.

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