Joshua predicting he’ll be 2-time heavyweight champ on Dec.7

By Boxing News - 11/26/2019 - Comments

By Tim Royner:  Anthony Joshua (22-1, 21 KOs) hasn’t let his loss to Andy Ruiz Jr. destroy his self belief and motivation to win. Despite his disappointing setback last June, Joshua believes he’s going to avenge his loss to Ruiz Jr. (33-1, 22 KOs) and recapture his IBF, WBA & WBO heavyweight titles in Saudi Arabia on the 7th of December.

AJ has a lot of detractors who feel he’s going to get knocked out once again by the Mexican American Ruiz Jr., and many of them see him being sent into retirement. Understandably, Joshua hasn’t spoken about a worst case scenario yet, since he obviously doesn’t jinx himself as he heads into the contest.

Aj needs 100% belief in himself

For Joshua to win this fight, he’s to believe that he can do it 100% without any self doubt. Although Joshua does possess a lot of power, he lacks the right-hand eraser than WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder possesses. Joshua is more of a blue collar type of heavyweight, who grinds out his wins when facing good opposition. He can stomp the lesser guys, but he tends to have a hard time when facing quality fighters.

Joshua still motivated to achieve

“There’s that motivation for more, more and more,” said Joshua to
Antoine Speaks of ITV News. “I still got the ambition to keep going. When I get a bit older, and my knees are worn out and my body is worn out, then it’s a different conversation. But for now while I’m still good, why not, let’s see how far we can take it.

“I’ve prepared to the best of my capabilities, and I’ve prayed that I get the win. I’ve realized that the media only want you win you’re winning, and that’s the name of the game. That’s why this time around, it’s solely about winning. It’s not about promoting or this commercial or that commercial. The commercials want the greats, and we know what it takes.

“Stop making it a show, and start making it about the hardcore sport. As you said, ‘no silk sheets, and stuff like that. Do what needs to be done. I’ve never lost that hunger. I think the hunger has been embedded in me, and a lot of fires from young. It takes a crazy man to want to fight day in and day out.

“I figure it’s about working smart. It’s difficult this boxing game, you know, because we turn pro without a team. We just have our promoters, really. There’s no like, you’ve got to find your own trainer and stuff like that,” said Joshua.

The incredibly wealthy Joshua wants more success

With an estimated net worth of $60 million, it’s got to be hard for Joshua to stay motivated to continue on with his boxing career now that he’s dealing with a rough patch. Joshua no longer needs money, and he can live a life of splendor and luxury without needing to sweat, worry and strain like the average person.

Right now, Joshua is still motivated to fight, but whether he still feels that way after a second loss to Ruiz will be interesting to see. If Joshua loses a second time to Ruiz by knockout, then he’s going to need to look in the mirror and think hard about whether it’s worth it to continue.

There are other world titles that Joshua can go after if he fails to beat Ruiz. WBC champion Deontay Wilder is an option for Joshua, as is WBA ‘regular’ belt holder Manuel Charr.

Many fighters are willing to fight despite them not holding world titles, since they love boxing and want to compete. If Joshua is that kind of guy, then it makes sense for him to continue with his career if he loses to Ruiz.

Joshua went into boxing to be respected

‘The hunger is always there. We just get smarter, and start adding to it,” said Joshua. “I like how Mike Tyson came into the game on a different type of vibe, but for me, I’ll be true to myself. I didn’t have the same upbringing or the same person. Rather than wanting people to run away, I wanted to connect with people when I was fighting. I’m doing it my way.

“I wanted to express myself to the business world a well, and not just be a bad boy fighter. I wanted to be a bad boy in every division. Whether it comes to accounting, law or business. I want the young kids to know that you can still be a G, you can still be a bad boy. You can still be all these aspects of what you want to be and desire, but you can do it in your profession.

“When I went into boxing, I knew how dirty this game can be. I never wanted to be in a rich man’s basement, like, ‘Iron that, kid.’ I just knew that I wanted to be respected. Definitely, I think it’s important. We go up against a sportsman. I didn’t get the greatest education,” Joshua continued.

AJ didn’t want to work for a rich guy

Joshua didn’t want to be working for a rich person, and being ordered around his whole life. Fortunately for him, he was able to find success in boxing. A lot of the credit should go to Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn. Up until his blunder in matching him against Andy Ruiz, he’d done a great job of careful match-making. Hearn never put Joshua in with guys that were risky like Wilder or Luis Ortiz.

When Hearn did match him against former Wladimir Klitschko, he did it after the Ukrainian was old at 41, coming off of a one-year layoff, and a loss to Tyson Fury. Hearn didn’t match Joshua against Wladimir when he was a little younger, and still fighting at a high level.

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Joshua predicting he’ll be two-time heavyweight champion

“The Gypsy, I’m not going to call him the king. He’s got a lot to prove still,” said Joshua about Tyson Fury. “He’s got a lot to prove in my opinion. WBC heavyweight champion of the world, Alabama,” said Joshua in talking about Wilder. “Champ, deserves to be where he is, the first Mexican heavyweight champion of the world,” said Joshua about Andy Ruiz. “Congratulations to him, and I can’t wait to fight.

“Two-time heavyweight champion of the world. I’m not that type of person, but they’ll be somewhere,” said Joshua when asked if he’ll have the IBF, WBA and WBO heavyweight title straps around his waist the next time he’s interviewed by Antoine Speaks with ITV News. “I know I’m a champion at heart,” said Joshua.

This is going to be tough for Joshua to win this fight against Ruiz, being that his style is all wrong for him. Ruiz is like George Foreman and Joshua is in the Joe Frazier roll. It’s possible that Ruiz has Joshua’s number, and will beat him no matter how many times they fight. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Joshua might do better against Wilder or Charr. Who knows? Ruiz is a bad match-up for Joshua because of his hand speed, combination punching and iron chin. There are a lot of advantages that Ruiz has going for him in the Joshua fight, and it might be an impossible situation for AJ.