Deontay Wilder – “Let’s go, Ruiz! Knock Joshua out again, baby!”

By Boxing News - 11/18/2019 - Comments

By Barry Holbrook: WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder is rooting for Andy Ruiz Jr.  to finish the job by knocking out Anthony Joshua in their rematch on December 7th in Saudi Arabia. According to Wilder, IBF/WBA/WBO champion Ruiz (33-1, 22 KOs) is going to win this fight because Joshua won’t be able to fix the flaws in his game.

Wilder thinks Joshua will improve to some extent, be won’t be able to fix the same holes in his game that led to him losing to Ruiz last June by a 7th round knockout.

A victory for Ruiz will make it a lot easier for Wilder to face him in a unification fight than if Joshua wins. Ruiz is with the same promotional stable as Wilder, and his management won’t play games by talking the flat fee nonsense that Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn did.

Wilder: I’m rooting for Ruiz to win

“That’s going to be another great fight as well,” Wilder told Fighthub about the Joshua vs. Ruiz fight. “Of course, we’re [Ruiz] with the same stable. I’m rooting for him to do, and what he set out to do the first time. This is just something that he’s coming back to finish the job. For me that’s what I see,” said Wilder.

“He’s got all the momentum going for him,” said Wilder about Ruiz. “It’s the way he beat Joshua. People don’t understand. It’s not only that Ruiz is a good fighter, but it was the way he beat Joshua. That’s what makes me go for him. It’s no other thing in my mind that points me away from Ruiz winning this rematch,” said Wilder.

The way that Ruiz destroyed Joshua is what made his victory so special in the minds of boxing fans. If Ruiz had beaten by a 12 round decision, he would have gotten so much press. Ruiz went out shocked the world last June by systematically destroying Joshua in dropping him FOUR times in the fight. It got so bad that Joshu quit in the 7th round after being knocked down twice. He didn’t want anymore.

Everything depends on Ruiz winning this fight for a unification fight with Wilder to take place. Hearn has proven to be a huge obstacle in making the Joshua-Wilder fight, and he’s likely to continue to be a thorn in Wilder’s side in preventing the match.

Joshua’s flaws will still be there – Wilder

“I don’t care what Joshua goes into camp and corrects or whatever,” said Wilder. “Those same things are still going to be there. They’re not going nowhere. I’m still undefeated, and I’m still knocking guys out. If people were asking questions about me. I’m still here. He’s going to be fighting his demons.

Joshua’s flaws are related to his stamina and his chin. Those are problems that he’s had since he was an amateur, but the stamina has obviously deteriorated due to his weight-lifting hobby. Packing on useless bodybuilding muscle was just a complete waste of time. Joshua gained nothing from all the weight lifting he did. On the contrary, he hurt his career with the weight lifting.

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Let’s go, Ruiz! KO Joshua says Wilder

“They don’t really come out with the truth of certain things. You here about rumors about sparring, and about rumors about in the dressing room and stuff,” Wilder continued in discussing Joshua’s rumored dressing rumor stress attack moments before Ruiz fight.

“All these things can be a big distraction to knock you off your game,” said Wilder. “But I wish Ruiz well, and after that, we can finally get one champion. One face and one name. It’ll be an easy fight to make, because of the situation and the circumstances we’re both in. We’re in the same stable. I’m definitely team Ruiz all the way. Let’s go Ruiz, knock him out again, baby,” said Wilder.

Joshua is going to need a Plan-A, B, C and D for him to keep getting knocked out in this fight. When a fighter doesn’t want to get knocked out, they can survive almost anything. When they do that, they’re often forced to fight in a negative spoiling way where they don’t even try to win. It would be sad if that’s what Joshua does on December 7th.