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Malignaggi predicts what round He KOs Conor McGregor

By Allan Fox: Paulie Malignaggi says Conor McGregor is nothing more than a con that has tricked the “idiot fans” into believing in him as a fighter, and he’ll knock him out in the 10th round just like Floyd Mayweather Jr. did. Malignaggi sees McGregor as a phony that looks to quit in fights when the going gets tough.

Malignaggi is McGregor’s ex-sparring partner. He helped him for a very short period of time prepare for his fight against Mayweather last August. Malignaggi bailed training camp in a huff after sparring photos were leaked to social media. The photos, which weren’t flattering to Malignaggi, spread like a wildfire.

In the pictures, Malignaggi was on the canvas looking like he’d been knocked down by McGregor. In another photo, Malignaggi’s face was swollen up and he was taking shots from McGregor. The only thing one could think of when looking at that photo was Malignaggi looked like he was getting beaten up by McGregor.

McGregor has officially called out the 36-year-old Malignaggi and offered him to come and fight in the octagon. Malignaggi sees this move as an example of McGregor trying to swerve the fight with him rather than accepting the challenge to fight him. Malignaggi has no intention of fighting McGregor in the UFC under MMA rules. If a fight is going to take place between them, it’ll only be in the boxing ring. The reason for that is because McGregor bragged recently that he could beat Malignaggi in boxing, and that he hurt him during their sparring session.

“Now he has to try and swerve and take detours, talking all the time that we’re going to go in the octagon,” said Malignaggi to ES News reporting. “He’s the one that said it was so easy. If it was so easy, then you’ve got to box me now. You’ve got to back that up now, don’t you? Now he’s swerving. Now he’s trying to call an audible. He’s trying to go in another direction while still trying to fight me. It’s not going to work that way. I’m not one of those broke [expletive] bums. I make a good living. I’m going to dictate the terms of what we’re doing,” said Malignaggi.

That sounds bad. Malignaggi telling McGregor that he’s trying to swerve the fight. Malignaggi is letting McGregor know that if he wants a fight against him, it will need to take place in a boxing ring. That is probably McGregor cannot afford to do. If McGregor takes on Malignaggi and loses, his fans will start jumping ship. McGregor likely lost a great deal of his fans after he was stopped in the 10th round by Mayweather in their fight on August 26. That was a bad performance from McGregor. He got tired quickly, stopped throwing punches and needed to be pulled out of the fight by referee Robert Byrd in the 10th round.

”You said you were going to box the [expletive] out of me,” said Malignaggi. ”Now you’ve got to prove it, otherwise you’re not getting it. If he did all that, then it should be easy money for him,” said Malignaggi when told that McGregor was saying that he gave him a concussion.

McGregor has to get back in the octagon to defend his titles in the UFC. It’s already been almost 1 year since he last competed in the sport. McGregor cannot afford to stay out of action for too much longer. If he’s going to fight Malignaggi, it will likely need to wait until 2018 for it to happen. In the meantime, you can bet that McGregor and Malignaggi will keep trash talking each other periodically. Malignaggi stands to gain a lot in this back and forth chatter with McGregor, because it makes him more powerful. McGregor is able to win more boxing fans to come over and start watching his MMA fans in the octagon by him trash talking Malignaggi.

“It shouldn’t be a problem to make a fight in boxing. I’ll knock his [expletive] out in front of all his fans,” said Malignaggi. ”I’ll knock his [expletive] out in front of everybody. It’s not even difficult to knock him out. You don’t even have to hit him hard. He’s looking for the first window to jump out of. This is combat sport’s biggest [bleep]. He’s the biggest poser in combat sports. I watched him in his fights. I’ve seen him face to face. He puts on an act. He’s a con artist and he’s conned all the idiot fans. If I was really to predict it, I’d say the same amount of rounds as Floyd. You’ve got to get him there first, and he’ll jump off the cliff for you. You’ve just got to take him to the edge of the cliff and he’ll jump off. You don’t even have to push him. He’ll jump off for you. He doesn’t like the heat. When the heat rises, he looks to jump out. He doesn’t try to put the first out with some water. He doesn’t know how to fight back with some water. He tries to jump out of the window and get out,” said Malignaggi.

It didn’t look like McGregor quit against Mayweather. He was trying to fight back. McGregor was exhausted and too tired to mount any kind of offense by the 9th round. He had nothing left because he’d never fought a 10 round fight before. Mayweather didn’t look great either, but he had the presence of mind o take it easy on McGregor in the first 9 rounds to make sure he didn’t gas out against him.

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