Maidana stops Khan, Porter and Berto, Robert Garcia says

By Boxing News - 07/04/2015 - Comments

maidana4566By Dan Ambrose: Trainer Robert Garcia thinks that #3 WBA, #3 WBC Marcos Maidana (35-5, 31 KOs) would KO Amir Khan, Andre Berto and Shawn Porter if he could get a fight against any of those guys.

Garcia would like to see Maidana fight one or all of them if he could because he thinks they would be a good match-up for him. Maidana has more size and punching power than all three of them, and it definitely would be difficult for them to handle his power if Maidana came into the fights in top shape.

“Maidana would knock all three out,” Garcia said to “Broner dropped Porter, so you think Maidana could knockout Porter? Amir Khan, he [Maidana] already had him out, and that was before I had him. Right now, he [Maidana] knockouts Amir Khan,” Garcia said.

Maidana lost a close 12 round decision to Khan five years ago in 2010 in a fight where he had Khan out on his feet in the 10th. For those who remember the fight, they’ll note that the referee Joe Cortez kept pulling Maidana off of Khan when he was blasting away at him on the inside after hurting him.

There was no reason at all for Cortez to break up the action again and again, as Maidana was throwing shots and Khan just trying to hold nonstop. If anything, Cortez should have taken a point away from Khan for the excessive clinching in the last three rounds of the fight instead of pulling Maidana off of him and continually resetting them at the center of the ring. Maidana would have an excellent chance of knocking Khan out if the fight were held right now with a referee doesn’t get in between him and Khan like what we saw continually with Cortez in that fight.

Right now it’s looking a lot like Maidana won’t be fighting at all in 2015. His last bout was in September of 2014 when he was beaten for the second time by Floyd Mayweather Jr. Maidana made a lot of money in his two fights with Mayweather, so it’s not surprising that he’s going to be sitting out of the ring for a while. Where you have to worry is if his extended leave of absence from the ring extends into 2016 because at this point the ring rust will have set in, and it’ll be very difficult for Maidana to regain what he lost in terms of sharpness.

Berto would have very little chance of surviving a 12 round fight against Maidana. I’d say no chance at all. Berto was in the process of losing his last fight to Josesito Lopez when he scored a sixth round knockout.

Porter vs. Maidana would be a good fight because both guys would slug away on the inside and it would be a case of whoever has the better chin wins. With the way Porter hit the deck in the 12th round against Adrien Broner in his last fight, you’d have to give Maidana a very good chance of scoring a knockout over Porter.

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