Mayweather vs. Pacquiao 2 Unlikely for only ONE reason

1-IMG_8257By Leigh K. Seto: It took two rounds for Floyd Mayweather Jr. to take control of the “Fight of the Century” against Manny Pacquiao. From the start of the fight, Floyd was popping off his jab in the center of the ring with the distance he wanted, the pace he wanted and Pacquiao fans like myself shrieking “Uh oh!”.

Despite a shoulder injury that is being reported for Pacquiao, this fight was won by the fighter’s feet. Mayweather’s feet maintaining distance and Pacquiao’s feet not fast enough to keep up. Athletically and physically all of the advantages were in Floyd’s favor.

His hands were much faster, his feet quicker and in the slow motion replays his reflexes seemed like something from the “Spiderman” movies where the whole world slowed down for Peter Parker. A rematch would garner plenty of profit from Pac-die-hards like myself, but the casual fans will be gone and mystery of whether Manny was the one to finally answer Floyd’s rubix-cube defense also gone. This is why this fight most likely won’t happen.

The number one sticking point for the first fight was money. Manny Pacquiao declined the $40 million initial offer from the Money Team, and was reluctant to finally sign the 60-40 split that was agreed on the May 2nd fight. So here we are now. The fight was considered dull by casual fans. What enticed the general public was the longevity of the rivalry, the difference in styles, and the public’s polar view on the match up. There was a sense of mystery, but most of the mystery is gone, most celebrity interest gone and casual fans gone. The next fight by all account will have a much, much smaller pot. Now we know Mayweather will not take less money. The smaller pot just means a much smaller cut for Manny Pacquiao. That means instead of a 60-40 split, with a much smaller pot and maintaining Mayweather’s payday at $100 million plus means the split would be around 80-20.

Mayweather upon winning is entitled a larger split. Like, if Manny had won the first fight, then in the rematch he would have demanded a 60-40 split in his favor. Coupled the entitlement for a larger split and also now dipping in a smaller pot, the split becomes almost ridiculously in Mayweather’s favor and rightfully so. Bob Arum and Manny Pacquiao will most likely decline the offer and thus the rematch opportunity gone.

We should all just be happy that these two put aside their differences and made this fight happen the first time. But lightening doesn’t strike the same spot twice, the sides will be separated in even further directions when it comes to money and the split.

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