Guillermo Rigondeaux: Who’s Next?

By Wil Patino - 05/27/2015 - Comments
By Wilmar Patino (Boxing’s Finest) Guillermo Rigondeaux isn’t being talked about much these days and a lot of that has to do with not having an opponent confirmed or even mentioned for his next fight. Last time we saw Guillermo Rigondeaux was last December vs. Hisashi Amagasa in Osaka, Japan. In that particular fight we saw Rigondeaux dominate most of the fight but also looked a little vulnerable in getting knocked down twice by the towering 5′ 10½″  Hisahi Amagasa.

Still, Guillermo Rigondeaux came out with a stoppage win, and showed some of his beautiful Boxing skills and defensive maneuvers that solidify him as a top Pound for Pound champion. The question now becomes who’s next?

Guillermo Rigoneaux’s manager Gary Hyde has said that Rigondeaux will travel to the United Kingdom in May to publicly confront Scott Quigg, who is the mandatory challenger to Rigondeaux’s WBA super bantamweight title. Gary Hyde has previously stated that he believes Scott Quigg, Leo Santa Cruz, and Carl Frampton are all avoiding Guillermo Rigondeaux. He also said that this is a sport where the best fight the best instead of the best fighting the rest. According to Hyde they (Hyde and Rigondeaux) would travel wherever they have to to confront these fighters and try to force them to fight the cuban champ.

I haven’t heard of them confronting anyone yet and what Gary Hyde said may be true. Guillermo Rigondeaux will be turning 35 this year so they don’t have much time to waste. It seems everyone is ducking “El Chacal”. I really do hope Rigondeaux gets to defend his belt against mandatories and unifies his division, but it seems he may be too skilled for his own good and that’s ashame. Guillermo Rigondeaux has to find some named opponents fast and get his career on track, with his last 2 fights being back to back knockouts I don’t know why the major networks haven’t picked him up yet and given him another chance. Guillermo Rigondeaux is a master its time to appreciate that, and support the 2 time olympian and pound for pound champ.

Above this article is a video and tribute to Guillermo Rigondeaux and his set of wonderful skills. As a writer and video editor this is as much as I can do to assist in getting Rigondeaux exposure and support. My question to my readers is, Who do you think Guillermo Rigondeaux will fight next? Do you think he’s being ducked by Scott Quigg, Leo Santa Cruz, and Carl Frampton? Lastly, do you think Guillermo Rigondeaux is unbeatable? There’s a lot to talk about and it’s been a while since we discussed the career of “El Chacal” so tell us your thoughts and what you think Rigondeaux and his team should do next.

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