Khan has more chance against Mayweather than he does against Brook

khan777By Chris McCarthy: On Saturday we saw Amir Khan back to his brilliant best, completely shutting out Devon Alexander over 12 rounds, throwing with his incredible speed and accuracy. Alexander was beaten from the first round and knew it.

The trouble with this is Alexander is not a puncher. He is a counter puncher who wasn’t given the chance to dictate the fight. Khan will always beat these fighters. What he should avoid like the plague is one punch knockout artists like the Danny Garcias and Keith Thurmans of this world. While Brook isn’t quite as ferocious as those two, he does have the power to put Khan away.

For all his great attributes, Mayweather lacks the power to destroy opponents within the 12 round distance. We have to go back 9 fights to when Mayweather last knocked anyone out, and that was Ricky Hatton, who by that point was running around the ring like a headless chicken and a knockout was inevitable. Please note that I do not count the Victor Ortiz knockout as genuine as I felt Ortiz was doing what he could to get out of the fight.

While I feel that Khan has the speed to give Mayweather a hard time, whether he would beat him is another thing. But the question mark is there. His fight with Kell Brook will only end with him on the floor, Mayweather’s fight with Pacquiao will end in a points victory for Mayweather, (their fight should have happened in 2009 when Pacman was knocking everyone out left, right and centre. Khan v Mayweather is the fight that must happen next.

If I can also touch on the comments that Mayweather made recently. Apparently he’s wanted to fight Pacquiao for years. Shane Mosley was desperate to fight Mayweather. He turned up at a Mayweather fight, got in the ring and called him out in front of the world. That is a man who wants to get a fight with someone. Where was Mayweather when Pacquiao was fighting?

Both fighters are blaming each other for negotiations going belly up every time. Why don’t they have the negotiations live on television so that the fans can judge for themselves who is proving to be the party pooper?

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