Sam Sheedy defeats Bradley Pryce

By Boxing News - 11/09/2014 - Comments

By Nathan Haworth: On Friday night Sam Sheedy put his 13-0 record on the line against Bradley Pryce a 53 fight veteran who would prove to be his toughest opponent to date.

Before the fight Pryce had tipped Sheedy to run for the duration; after the first round he may have been thinking differently. Sam tagged Pryce with a big shot that rocked the Welshman in the opening minute.

It didn’t take long for Sheedy to find his rhythm, throwing fast combinations whilst moving in and out. Throughout the fight Sam looked strong and composed and never looked worried by the bullying tactics of Bradley Pryce. There were times in the 3rd and 4th rounds that Pryce tried to pin Speedy into the corner and bully his way in; unfortunately for Pryce this didn’t seem to work too much mainly due to Sam’s fantastic footwork.

Bradley Pryce tried to make something happen throughout the whole fight; but Sheedy’s sheer tenacity wouldn’t allow the former commonwealth champion to land many of the wild shots he was attempting. Pryce did have his moment however when Sheedy slipped backwards and tried to grab a hold of the rope to regain his balance, this is where Pryce took advantage of the situation landing a big shot sending Sheedy into the corner forcing him to cover up; again Sam’s footwork got him out of the corner where he regained his composure and boxed and moved until the end of the round.

I had Sam in front by a few rounds when the 8th and final round came up; however you wouldn’t have thought so by how both fighters came out. It was toe-to-toe action for the full 3 minutes of the final round, in which Sam landed some big shots sending the Welshman backwards once again.

After the final bell both fighters looked exhausted and weren’t too sure which way the fight would go; when the referee read his scorecard out of 77-76 in favour of the red corner ‘Speedy Sam Sheedy’ it was then Sam dropped to his knees and all the SBC Unit entered the ring to celebrate with him.

This was a massive fight for both fighters; however this now means Sam can step up another level and in my opinion fight for the English Title; which would be a battle against Rotherham’s Nav Mansouri which I’m sure would be a huge fight for South Yorkshire.

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