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Algieri/Pacquiao: Tim Lane Interview

FREDDIE ROACH and TIM LANE, trainers for undefeated World Boxing Organization (WBO) junior welterweight champion CHRIS ALGIERI and Fighter of the Decade Congressman and defending WBO welterweight champion MANNY “Pacman” PACQUIAO, respectively, hosted an international Media Conference Call on Thursday, from The Venetian Macao. Algieri (20-0, 8 KOs), from Huntington, NY on Long Island, has Bachelor of Science degree in Health Care Management, a Masters degree in Clinical Nutrition and a Ph.D. in Upsets Inside the Ring. Aspiring, to attend medical school when he concludes his boxing career, Algieri has become sports Horatio Algieri story! All of New York is riveted to its only world champion as he prepares to battle Pacquiao (56-5-2, 38 KOs), the lone congressional representative from the Sarangani Province of the Philippines, and boxing’s only eight-division world champion.


It’s been quite a ride for you and Chris since beating Ruslan Provodnikov and becoming a world champion. What are your feelings headed into Saturday night’s fight?

TIM LANE: Looking forward to this weekend, it’s going to be a great weekend, Chris is in great shape, and yes we are looking forward to bringing that belt back to New York.

Adjusting to time change?

TIM LANE: It’s been great. Chris and I came over here for the world tour and we learned a couple things about what time we were going to fly and what we were going to eat and how we were going to do out workouts and we adjusted perfectly. It took Chris about one day to get on the time zone and it took me about two days. I couldn’t imagine it going any better or for Chris to be in a better spot considering the circumstances we are in right now.

Have there been any surprises during the promotion?

TIM LANE: What sticks out in my mind is how nice and generous people have been to us when it comes to the staff here at The Venetian, both in Las Vegas and Macao, to Top Rank to Star Boxing to Banner Promotions. The people here have been amazing – the respect and the love they have shown. Even the Filipino fans – we go to breakfast every morning and there have been mobs of people from all walks of life have shown so much love and that has surprised me. I thought we were coming to a battle-ground and were going to have to be kind of tough, and I would prefer not to be tough, I would prefer that when the bell rings we would take care of business and that outside of that we can all be human beings. It has been wonderful and that has been surprising to me.

How do you prevent being overwhelmed by the moment?

TIM LANE: Chris has prepared and dreamt about this night for many, many years and he has risen to the occasion of every event that he has been in and the greatest thing about Chris Algieri is the better his competition and the better his opposition, the better he is. He always rises to the occasion. What he did to Ruslan, he did it with one eye. I thought he would have a flawless victory against Ruslan. I did not think Ruslan would be our toughest challenge, but Chris ended up getting hit and hurt in the first round, and when we were offered the Manny Pacquiao fight, I believe that his is not as tough a fight as Ruslan. Styles make fights and Manny Pacquiao, being a lefty and what he brings to the table, I do not feel that to be as challenging as Ruslan. I feel that Chris will dominate Pacquiao more so than he did Ruslan — with two eyes.

You actually think Pacquiao is an easier fight than Provodnikov?

TIM LANE: Maybe not an easier fight, but a more simple fight. It is a simpler game plan for me to get across to Chris but the biggest thing is and people don’t know this, but Chris Algieri started his war in the ring with a lefty. He does better with lefties than he does with righties. I have been able to do certain things that have come out in his style against righties but against lefties, he is a totally different fighter.

Freddie is talking about a first round KO…

TIM LANE: And you know what? If I was in Freddie’s shoes I would be talking a lot too, because he knows what the outcome of the fight is going to be and he’s got to blow a bunch of smoke and I feel for them. I love Manny Pacquiao but he’s not beating Chris and I think Freddie is aware of that and that’s why he’s barking.

How is Pacquiao different than other lefties?

TIM LANE: Chris gained good experience in sparring with Zab Judah because he is very fast and arguably the best three or four round fighters ever in the world. You see what he did with Floyd Mayweather in the first four rounds. It’s all getting used to guys coming at you from that angle, but there’s no one out there that does it the way that Manny does it with his footwork and angles before he throws, but footwork and angles work when you are hitting a heavy bag and it looks really, really good and really, really fast and when you have zombies in front of you that don’t have footwork…you have a guy like Manny Pacquiao that looks amazing and you have a guy with footwork and is not there, those punches end up hitting air and missing and it ends up confusing him, so Manny’s footwork and his speed and his angles look good but Chris won’t be there and it’s going to be confusing for him.

What opponents of Pacquiao’s do you consider zombies (laughing)?

TIM LANE: I don’t want to disrespect anyone and say names but they were opponents that were big guys, or bigger than him, or who thought were bigger than him, that had no footwork. They were tough guys. The majority of the people in the boxing game are tough guys, because they are tough and they have come a long way, but they are the guys that don’t have footwork and stand in the middle of the ring and say ‘come on I am mucho macho.’ You can’t beat Manny Pacquiao like that. So yes, it’s the guys with no footwork.

Chris made a comparison to Margarito, who’s is about the same size as Chris, would that be a correct comparison?

TIM LANE: Good guess bro. Yes, Margarito is the guys who says, ‘come here in the middle of the ring and let’s trade, I’m tough, yeah, that’s the guy.’

Will Algieri be the ghost?

TIM LANE: Pretty much. He is going to be a master boxer. He is on top of his game. He is sharper than ever. He truly believes that this is The Chris Algieri Show, and so does his team. It’s going to be everything that should be great about boxing.

Do you foresee any surprises in the ring?

TIM LANE: I don’t know. There are a million things that could go on. I didn’t foresee Chris’ eye closing in his last fight. I don’t think about so many different variables because there are a million things to think about. I pretty much set my team up so that we can deal with anything. We have prepared Chris for any style that Manny brings. I have brought on the best cut man in the game. Whatever happens we are prepared for and anything could happen. I don’t itemize this and this and this because I would be going crazy thinking about it.

Could anything have been done better for the eye in the Provodnikov fight?

TIM LANE: I don’t know. Maybe it could have been done a little bit better but I had to make a decision that, we are coming to China, I need someone that travels well, I need someone that can deal with anything in another country. Stitch has been a good friend of mine for a long time, so when we made the fight I called him up and we had lunch and discussed a couple of things and I decided to go with him. Stitch brings a lot to the table other than being just a good cut man. He is a very vibrant human being that brings a lot of positivity to the table. I knew he would go well with the camp. I asked him if he could be in our camp every day he was in town to help wrap Chris and be part of the family and he has been just what I thought he would be as an addition to team Algieri.

This is the first time Chris has been able to train full time and not having his other jobs…

TIM LANE: The difference is he has been able to do his job. Get his rest. He and I have been able to go over his sparring and spend some good time together outside of training. Normally it’s like we train then he has to train somebody else and travel to another gym – he has to go here he has to go there. In this camp I would drive from my home in Las Vegas to The Venetian at 7 a.m. then I would stay there all day with him. We didn’t have to leave the building. Then I would go home at night. Then repeat. And on Sunday he would send me a shopping list and I would go get his food. It’s been great.

In closing…

TIM LANE: Tune in on November 22nd. Chris Algieri, the new era of boxing, is going to show you who he is. Welcome to The Chris Algieri Show.

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