Rafael Garcia: Before they push me aside, I’m leaving Team Mayweather

floyd9By Raj Parmar: Rafael Garcia, the long-time corner man of pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather, has officially announced that he will no longer be a part of Mayweather’s future fights in a corner man capacity. Garcia served as cut-man for Floyd for many years and also was in charge of wrapping Floyd’s hands but is now ready to retire from the sport at 85 years old.

Mayweather himself as well as other members of Floyd’s camp have always been quick to praise Garcia and lauded him as the best cut-man in the game. This past weekend’s fight between Mayweather and Marcos Maidana saw some changes though in the regular procedures for how Floyd prepares for a fight, as Garcia was not the one to wrap Floyd’s hands. Another member of Mayweather’s camp named Bob Ware wrapped Garcia’s hands.

“Yes, it’s true I didn’t tape him, but he hasn’t fired me,” Garcia told ESPNDeportes.com, “I thanked him after the fight because I retired from boxing, but I’m fine with him. Thanks to him I live how I live.”

Floyd had hinted at tension between himself and Garcia earlier in the week due to the fact Garcia wanted to wrap his hands. However Mayweather stated Garcia was working the corner of Mayweather Promotions fighter Mickey Bey and therefore he had to use somebody else to wrap his hands. Floyd went on to state that the way Ware wrapped his hands was the best he has ever felt in his entire career.

Garcia for his part has nothing but praise for Mayweather and is happily ready to step away from the sport at this time. He feels that his role is being reduced in the Mayweather camp and wants to walk away before he becomes totally irrelevant in the camp.

“Floyd told me to go with Mickey Bey for his fight against Miguel Vazquez,” Garcia explained. “When I came back they were already taping him. I didn’t oppose to it, he’s the one fighting, not me, and before they push me aside, I leave and thank him for everything. Maybe I’ll go to the gym and watch him and the others, but I’m all grown up, I want to enjoy life.”

There has been a lot of talk recently of Mayweather rearranging his whole team by the time his next fight in May 2015 rolls around, and Garcia not being the cut-man looks to be the first change.

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