Groves: I would have continued fighting if the referee had let me

By Boxing News - 06/01/2014 - Comments

groves95By Scott Gilfoid: George Groves (19-2, 15 KO’s) was out cold for three seconds last night after getting knocked out by IBF/WBA super middleweight champion Carl Froch (33-2, 24 KO’s) in their second and likely final fight between. Groves said that when he came to, he was ready to get back up and resume fighting if the referee Charlie Fitch hadn’t held him down to keep him from getting back to his feet. Fitch did the smart thing in stopping the fight at that moment.

When Groves did finally get to his feet, he didn’t look good as he staggered slightly while walking to his corner to sit down on a stool.

“It’s strange – I felt more beaten up after the first fight. There’s no concussion, no aches or pains and my face isn’t as bad as last time considering I got dropped heavily,” Groves said via “If the referee had let me get up there’s no way I wouldn’t have carried on, although he was 100% right – I was out for about three seconds.”

That’s good news that Groves didn’t suffer a concussion because the way he was laying there on the canvas, I had a feeling he might be seriously hurt. As it is, Groves probably should think about taking at least 6 months off before he gets back in the ring again to fight. He doesn’t need to be taking any risks of suffering additional knockouts in the future. Groves’ promoter Kalle Saulerland should look to put him in with some opposition with little punching power until he shows that he’s fine.

Groves probably would have won the fight if he fought smart instead of punching with Froch and backing up to the ropes. Groves also made a calculated error in trying to hit Froch with a left hook when he was backed against the ropes. With little space between him and Froch, Groves needed to be focusing on throwing straight punches in the short variety the way that Floyd Mayweather Jr. does when he’s backed against the ropes.

When you see Mayweather fighting on the ropes, you’ll notice that he doesn’t try and throw hooks like Groves was doing. Mayweather is too smart to make a mistake like that because he’s wise enough to know that if he throws a hook while backed against the ropes, it means he’d have a good chance of getting hit while he’s in the process of throwing the hook.

What Groves needs is a trainer that can change his fighting style completely to turn him into more of a pure boxer instead of a slugger, because I don’t think he’s got the chin to be a puncher. He needs someone like Virgil Hunter, who can make him totally defensive and teach him not to do stupid things like fighting on the ropes and throwing hooks while he’s backed against the ropes.

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