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Mayweather’s “plan for success” nearly backfires against Maidana

Floyd Mayweather Jr Marcos Rene MaidanaOver the past 10 years or so Floyd Mayweather Jr (46-0, 26 KO’s)has followed a basic “plan for success”. This plan is made up of  4 easy steps and if followed he will surly get the win he so desperately wants.

Step one is to find a fighter who is coming off the best victory of his career. But, this can’t be any ordinary fighter, no this fighter must also be of Mexican descent. To put it in even simpler terms this fighter just needs a Spanish last name. (Robert Guerrero, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, Miguel Cotto, Marcos Maidana ….you get the picture).

Second step is to talk up said fighter. Floyd likes to “talk up” these chosen fighters as if they are the next best thing or in Floyd’s mind the second coming of himself. But you know how Floyd likes to fancy himself as the greatest so it is what it is. (Sometimes Golden Boy will do the “talking up” for you as in the case of Canelo Alvarez..all talk no substance)

Third step is to go back and check what the highest purse said fighter has ever received and add a few more zeros to that price. Floyd prefers fighters in the $1.5 to $1.9 million dollar market but he has been know to go as high as $4 million. (This step only works with B level fighters, it will not work with A level fighters being that A level fighters carry the clout to tell you “NO”….stay clear of all A level fighters.)

Forth step, and maybe the most important step, is that said fighter must be at least an 8 to 1 long shot. This fighter must know he is there only to pick up his pay check and to let Floyd pound on him for 12 rounds. As Floyd likes to say …”just take your lotto ticket and go home”. (Fighter must know his place….no rising up and trying to make a fight of it)

Carlos Maidana , or so Floyd thought, was the perfect opponent who fit nicely into Floyd’s “plan for success.” He had a Spanish sounding last name, he was coming of what was for him his best victory. (Now I know beating Adrian Broner is nothing to write home about but in a B fighters world this is a big deal). Maidana was more than happy to settle for $1.5 million….more money than he has ever gotten for any fight. It was easy to “talk up” Maidana being that so many hate and detest Adrian Broner. (Broner is hated even more than Floyd in some circles) But the main reason and most important reason Floyd hand picked Maidana was that he absolutely stood no chance at winning. So perfect of a choice was Maidana that the odds makers started him out as a 15 to 1 underdog. This fight was to be a walk in the park for Mayweather…..just like he likes all his fights. When you think about it why would Floyd ever fight an A fighter, like Manny Pacquiao, when it’s been proven that the Floyd followers will pay to see him take on C fighter after C fighter.

Only, a funny thing happened last Saturday night. Maidana deviated from the script. Maidana had the audacity to fight back. Miadana dared to think he could actually win.( Of course as we all saw, Maidana did ACTUALLY win Saturday night)  As you could easily seen on Floyd’s face, this all came as a huge surprise. Although Maidana’s odds dropped to a whopping 12 to 1 this was still no excuse to go rouge and slap Floyd around in front of a sold out crowed. Not only did Maidana win the fight he also made Floyd look old and slow. When was the last time we have seen Floyd swing and miss ? Half way through the fight you could tell Floyd was second thinking his decision to completely disregard the fans wishes to fight Amir “chin of a 7 yr old” Khan. The few punches Floyd did land would have surly taken out Khan. Lucky for Floyd this fight took place in Las Vegas with Vegas judges (can you guess where the 2 judges who had Floyd as the winner are from), if not the real winner would have taken the belt home. After what happened Saturday night you can be sure of only one thing. No way we see a rematch. Obviously Floyd’s better days are behind him, so called world class fighters are not suppose to struggle with 12 to 1 underdogs. Can you imagine what someone like Manny Pacquiao, who took out a top 5 pound for pound fighter who is also in his prime, would do to a now slow fighter like Floyd. No I think Floyd may want to stick with his “plan for success” only this time he needs someone who is at least a 20 to 1 long shot.

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