Froch vs. Groves – Preview

froch55By Dan Henderson: This Saturday night live from London, England we will see the highly anticipated rematch between George Groves and Carl Froch. The altitude of this event has reached epic levels due to the controversy surrounding the first bout in which Froch had won via stoppage after being pretty second best through out the contest even getting knocked down in the first round.

Some say the stoppage was early some say it wasn’t but I’m off the opinion that it was stopped marginally early due to the fact that Froch had Groves in trouble and with a few more seconds could have made the stoppage a more conclusive one.

We can’t complain because that early stoppage has gone on to create the biggest night in British boxing since I’ve been alive but who is gonna win? Can George Groves box his way to victory or will Froch once again get the stoppage? This is coin toss fight due to the fact that it has divided opinion amongst the fans, no one is quite sure who will be victorious. I’m going to make my prediction below.

My pick for this fight is going to be Carl Froch via stoppage between rounds 9-12 and the reason being is I feel Froch majorly underestimated Groves in the first fight and he never respected George as a fighter and possibly felt that all he needed to do was show up and get the win but we all know that was not the case as Groves put Froch down with a good shot in round 1 and Froch just couldn’t get back in to it, but somehow he managed to eventually find a way to victory albeit under controversial circumstances. Getting back to my original point I feel Froch now respects Groves as a fighter and will certainly take him more seriously.

I’m not ruling out victory for Groves because this is certainly a very winnable fight if he boxes clever and utilises his jab from the off. He proved he could win the exchanges so as I said 50/50 fight but I’m picking Froch.

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