Groves: I’m the biggest fight for Froch

groves63By Scott Gilfoid: Poor George Groves (19-1, 15 KO’s). He was royally robbed of what would likely have ended up as a victory over the aging IBF/WBA super middleweight champion Carl Froch (32-2, 23 KO’s) last month when the referee Howard John Foster jumped in between a perfectly competitive fight and halted it and gave Froch a knockout win.

It was such a blunder by the referee, and to add insult to injury, Froch got in a couple of free shots while the referee was in the act of stopping it.

Now Groves is pretty much out in the cold as far as getting a rematch. Froch has made it perfectly clear that he feels the victory wasn’t a questionable one, and that’s he’s moving on. Froch doesn’t care what people think, and he’s made that clear. He’s going to fight who he wants to fight, and the names that Froch wants right now are Gennady Golovkin and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

“I should be world champion right now,” Groves said to the swindonadvertiser. “I’ve had those two belts taken away from me unjustly. We’re in the process of sorting that out, so to speak. My ideal plan would be to get a rematch. If Carl Froch is a man then I’m sure he’ll step up and give me the rematch. It’s the biggest fight out there for him.”

Oh, I hate to see this. Come on, Groves just take the pain. I know it hurts how you got jobbed, but that’s the way it goes. I think Groves should pipe down and take it on the lip. It’s too bad that this happened, but he needs to move on and forget about Froch. He already said his thing, and it’s painfully obvious that Froch doesn’t want any part of a rematch with Groves, and I can pretty much see why.

Froch was getting whipped like no tomorrow until the referee jumped on Groves with a headlock and stopped the affair, much to the shock of all the fans at the Phones 4u Arena. Do honestly think Froch wants a second helping of that? I don’t. I think Froch is willing to take any kind of win he can get from this fight, and scurry away to get one of his hoped for fights against Chavez Jr. or Golovkin. If Froch doesn’t get either of those guys, then we might see him against the likes of James DeGale, unless his promoter Eddie Hearn lines him up for a unification bout against the vulnerable WBC champ Sakio Bika. I could see Eddie doing something like that. But it’s a long shot for Froch to get a fight against Chavez Jr. or Golovkin in 2014.

As for Groves, he needs to forget all about Froch and either wait him out until he retires or go after one of the other champions like WBO belt holder Robert Stieglitz.

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