Khan vs. Mayweather: A bloody good fight

By Boxing News - 11/08/2013 - Comments

may664By Nas Jawaid: There’s certainly a difference of opinion about the Amir Khan vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight. Some fans believe Khan won’t stand a chance at all, some believe he doesn’t deserve a chance, and the rest believe in Amir Khan. I guess it’s easy to say there’s’ definitely a split decision. One thing which every boxing fan would agree on is that Khan brings excitement, not only because of his fast hands and combination punching, but also because of his suspect chin. We never know what’s going to happen in a Khan fight.

When the rumors began spreading about Floyd and Khan mixing it up, I for one thought immediately easy money for Floyd, but now I don’t think that to be the case. Khan’s long reach and blazing fast hands may cause Floyd some trouble (I believe Floyd will adapt and knock Khan out) and it will be great to see the boxing technician adapt to a younger faster fighter. Plus, we all know styles make fights and Khan does have that winning round style long reach combination punching so it would be interesting to say the least. Plus nobody can deny Khan has always showed tremendous heart against Marcos Maidana. Khan was on the verge of dropping, yet was still throwing punches in bunches and never gave up. Even in his fight against Danny Garcia, Khan displayed this by getting back up from the canvas and trading with Danny after getting dropped in the 3rd round.

Some fans have also suggested that Danny Garcia should fight Floyd, but to be realistic Garcia is just a smaller version of Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, and a lot slower. Does he deserve the fight? Yes, he does but what’s the point? Mayweather is going to be outclassing him from the start. I don’t want to see a mini me version of Canelo up against Floyd.

Business wise, a fight between Khan and Mayweather makes a ton of sense, and we all know Floyd is all about business. Not only will every single fan from the UK be tuned in to watch this fight, but Khan also has a huge following in the Middle East as well as Dubai, Egypt, Pakistan , India, United Kingdom. That’s five different countries not including the USA. That’s a lot of potential pay-per-view buys.

If I think about it logically this is a bloody good fight.

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