Hughie Fury stops David Gegeshidze in 4th round TKO

By Boxing News - 11/08/2013 - Comments

hughie53By Scott Gilfoid: Hughie Fury (12-0, 7 KO’s) picked up his 7th stoppage of his still young career with a harder than expected 4th round TKO win over 32-year-old David Gegeshidze (10-5-1, 2 KO’s) at the City Academy Sports Centre in Bristol, UK. The fight was stopped after Hughie hit the badly out of shape Gegeshidze with several clubbing right hands to the head in the 4th. The referee stepped in and waived it off rather than letting Hughie try to finish the pot-bellied Gegeshidze.

Hughie had suffered a cut over his left eye in the 4th round when he leaned into a right hand from Gegeshidze and got nailed right on the eye. As far as the knockout goes, it was more of a product of Gegeshidze being totally gassed out than him being hurt from any of Hughie’s shots because he didn’t show any power at in the fight, and Gegeshidze had no problems taking his best shots. But Gegeshidze was so badly out of shape that words can’t describe how badly he looked. He had a pot belly that hung over his boxing trunks, and he looked like he’d been training on M&Ms and Snickers bars. I can’t believe Hughie was matched up by against a fighter that looked as out of shape as Gegeshidze because this guy looked like he needed to lose 25 pounds around his waist. It was pretty disturbing.

What was surprising about the fight was that Gegeshidze showed the better hand speed, and was nailing Hughie with flurries in every round. I couldn’t believe what I was watching, as Gegeshidze was throwing flurries and catching Hughie with multiple shots to the head before Hughie would finally tie him up in a clinch. Had that been a fighter with decent power instead of a feather-fisted opponent then I think Hughie would have been knocked out in two rounds. He just doesn’t have the speed, power and defense to be in there with decent quality opposition from what I can see.

In the 3rd round, Hughie seemed to get upset after Gegeshidze flurried on him and caught him with a big right hand that opened up a cut. From that point, Hughie was definitely stepping down on his punches a little more and trying hard to get him out of there. I don’t blame Hughie for opening up more with his shots because this fight was a lot harder than it should have been for him.

In the 4th, Gegeshidze caught Hughie with a beautiful left hook while Hughie was rushing in madly. It was a perfect shot. Moments later, Gegeshidze hit Hughie with a peach of a right hand directly on his cut left eye. It was like waving a red handkerchief in front of a bull, because Hughie opened up with punches to the head and the belly of Gegeshidze, causing him to back up to the ropes wearily. At that point, Hughie hit Gegeshidze with a final right hand to the head that caused the referee to step in between them and waive off the fight.

All in all, not such a great fight for Hughie. The power and the speed wasn’t there, and he got hit way too much. Hughie needs a lot of work in the power and defense department. I don’t think there’s much he can do about his lack of speed because at 19, he’s about as fast as he’ll ever be. Hughie is going to need to work on his power and defense if he’s to get get anywhere in the division because what I saw of him tonight, he’d get destroyed by even a bottom dwelling contender in the top 15.

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