Miguel Cotto v Delvin Rodriguez on Oct 5th: But Why?

By Boxing News - 07/28/2013 - Comments

cotto3By Sevak Sarkisian: As every boxing fan knows, boxing super star and future hall of famer Miguel Cotto (37-4 30 KO’s) will be making his return to the ring in October against contender Delvin Rodriguez (28-6 KO’s).

I have followed Miguel Cotto’s career since HBO first started televising his fights back in the early 2000’s. I’ve, watched him grow and develop as a fighter and become a world champion. I have witnessed his triumphs and defeats. I have also witnessed him decline as a fighter.

Miguel Cotto has accomplished great things in the sport of boxing. He is a three division world champion and holds wins over many good and great fighters. He has wins over Shane Mosley, Zab Judah, Antonio Margarito, Ricardo Mayorga and many others.

In My Humble opinion Cotto will not improve and get “better” than he already is and will only decline further as time goes on. He is also fighting at bigger weight class than he is supposed to be in my opinion.

Cotto is not a Jr. Middle weight and is only fighting at the weight because he can no longer make the welterweight limit. In reality he has no business fighting at the weight. He is only 5’7 in height with a 67 inch reach.

Cotto has not only accomplished a lot in his career but he has also made a lot of money. Furthermore, he will not gain anything from beating Rodriguez accept another big payday that will most likely end up in a loss.

Cotto has been one of my favorite fighters over the course of the past ten years however, he has been past his prime for well over four years and as a fan I would like to see him retire.

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