The multiple division championship frenzy

By Boxing News - 06/04/2013 - Comments

By Gerardo Granados: Future hall of fame member Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez claims to be a four division Champion but he is not because he won the interim light welter belt. He also claims he wants to become the first Mexican boxer to achieve five division championships, but hasn´t Jorge Arce supposedly already achieved it.

Too many belts for grabs WBC, WBA, IBF, WBO, IBO, etc. What would Bob Fitzsimmons say about the multiple division championship frenzy?

Roy Jones Jr. was a magnificent boxer and won four, Roberto Duran was a real four division champion, Tommy Hearns was also a genuine multiple division champion; all of them faced top opposition and give fans their money worth, but is Arce or Marquez in the same level as them just by claiming to have conquered five division belts?

How many three division champions are currently active? How many of them have defeated the lineal champion to do so? A friend of mine doesn´t care if the fighter won a vacant belt as long as he has a fan friendly boxing style but he also don’t care if the fighter is being spoon fed a tailor made opponent.

Twenty three years old Adrien Broner is a two division champion and has jumped another two divisions to try his third belt. Is there anything wrong in being a single division dominant champion like Marvin Hagler was? Maybe in the near future to be a five division champion won’t be enough and the prizefighters will aim to win eight just as Manny Pacquiao claims to have conquered.

Pro boxing is a show and certainly it can be improved. Are the multiple division champions good for business or are they taking credibility away from it?

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