Kell Brook faces Carson Jones on 7/13 in UK

By Boxing News - 05/15/2013 - Comments

brook42by Scott Gilfoid: #7 WBO, welterweight contender Kell Brook (29-0, 19 KO’s) faces Carson Jones (35-9-3, 25 KO’s) on July 13th in a fight that should tell us what we need to know about the talent and the destiny of the 27-year-old Brook when he faces Jones at the Craven Park Stadium, Hull, Yorkshire, UK.

Brook got a gift 12 round majority decision over Jones last year in July. After the fight, Brook was blabbering a mile a minute about excuse about not being in the best of shape.

That excuse can only be used once, and if he tries that one after the rematch with Jones in July, I don’t see anyone buying it, especially with Brook and his promoter Eddie Hearn both saying his stamina problem is officially fixed.

Brook just look like he couldn’t handle the pressure from Jones last July, as he wilted big time from the swarming attacks from Jones. Brook’s nose was a bloody mess by the 12th round and he was badly hurt in that round from a big right hand from Jones.

The referee stopped the action just when Jones was trying to put the old Coup de grâce on Brook in the 12th when Brook totally hurt. I must have watched that fight 100 times since and for the life of me I can’t understand why the referee stopped the action when he did to give Jones a warning with Brook staggering.

Watch it yourself and tell me what Jones was doing wrong other than beating the living daylights out of Brook and about to finish him off.

The only thing I’ve seen that is close to that confusion of that moment was when the referee stopped the action in the Ricky Hatton vs. Juan Lazcano to let Hatton to have one of his shoes tied when he was badly hurt by Lazcano. It was one of the most bizarre moments you can think of to have the action stopped for a timeout.

You know what I mean? Hatton is staggering around the ring about to be finished off and the referee calls a time out to let him have his shoes tied. It was incredible. But the Brook-Jones fight had a similar situation in the 12th with the referee stopping the action to give Jones a warning at the same time that Brook was hurt.

I see Jones beating Brook again in their rematch in July and hopefully the judges get the scoring right this time. If not, then that’ll be the second gift decision that Brook has been given and that’s not going to help him any because no one has forgotten the gift he got last time he fought Jones.

Jones has fought twice since his loss to Brook, fighting to an 8 round draw with Dean Byrne last December, and then stopping Travis Hartman in the 3rd round last April.

Had the fight with Byrne been an 8 round fight, Jones would have won that fight. I like how Byrne’s promoter set up the match to be a short one instead of a 12 rounder.

That basically gave Byrne the advantage because Jones is one of those fighters that comes on in the second half of the fight, which was is what he was doing from the 6th round against Byrne, but he didn’t have enough rounds to win it. I’d like to see Jones and Byrne in a rematch where the fight is 12 rounds instead of 8, but I doubt that’ll ever happen.

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