Hughie Fury vs. Dean Storey on May 11th in New Brunswick, Canada

By Boxing News - 05/01/2013 - Comments

fury433By Scott Gilfoid: Unbeaten heavyweight prospect Hughie Fury (2-0, 2 KO’s) will be returning to the ring this month on May 11th against 45-year-old journeyman Dean Storey (8-16-2, 4 KO’s) in a scheduled four round bout at the Festival Arena, Shediac, New Brunswick, Canada.

Fury, the 18-year-old cousin of heavyweight contender Tyson Fury, is following in his footsteps or at least trying to. A little bit shorter at a listed 6’6” rather than 6’7”, Hughie is pretty much the same kind of heavyweight as Tyson Fury, but with a much better jab, better ring movement, better defensive skills and a superior left hook and right hand.

Hughie is definitely an upgrade of Tyson Fury. However, he’s still lacking in a huge way in terms of power and I can’t see him doing well against the better heavyweights in the division.

I saw enough of Hughie in his fights with David Whittom and Alex Rozman to tell me that the spark is missing from his game to take him to the upper rungs of the heavyweight division. It’s early, though, and maybe Hughie will get stronger as he gets older, but he looks old as heck for an 18-year-old.

Physically, Hughie looks like he’s 28 and it may be that this is as good as it gets for him. If so, then I still rate him above Tyson Fury, but I don’t rate him as being a good heavyweight, so it doesn’t mean a whole lot.

Storey has lost five out of his last six fights, and I’m still trying to figure out what Fury stands to gain from a mismatch like this. You would think he would be better off at least fighting someone with a pulse so that he can learn something.

I noticed that Hughie Fury is a sucker for a right hand. Whittom was able to walk through his jab and nail him with right hands and it reminded me of how Tyson Fury looks when one of his opponents gets past his jab to nail him with looping right hands. I can see Hughie having problems in the future once he starts to face guys with power and talent.

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