Guerrero’s stock drops in loss to Mayweather Jr

By Boxing News - 05/05/2013 - Comments

guerrero01By Chris Williams: We had heard Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero (31-2-1, 18 KO’s) say repeatedly that Floyd Mayweather Jr was slipping as a fighter and that he was ripe for the picking.

We had heard how god had selected him personally to be the guy that humbled Mayweather and given him his first loss of his career. But instead of these things happening, we saw Guerrero get schooled just like Mayweather’s past opponents like Carlos Baldomir, Zab Judah and DeMarcus Corley in losing by a 12 round unanimous decision.

Mayweather beat Guerrero even easier than he did those guys and he did it an older age of 36 instead of in his 20s.

There’s no mistaking the fact that Guerrero’s stock takes a huge drop with this defeat because he was made to look so average, so mediocre, so easy to hit. It was just a terrible performance by Guerrero, and the type where you can’t really see him ever coming back from it to get an important fight.

Which big star is going to want to waste his time fighting Guerrero after the way that Mayweather handled him? It certainly won’t be Manny Pacquiao, and you can add WBA/WBC junior middleweight champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez to that list.

Even if he had been thinking about fighting him before, I’m sure he’s not going to want to fight Guerrero now after this loss. If Golden Boy Promotions brings up the idea of him fighting Guerrero, I can see them being met with a stony silence in response.

Guerrero is going to have to start from the bottom and look to work his way back up. He would do well to maybe try and fight Andre Berto again to show that he can beat him twice, but with a referee that keeps a close eye on the rough stuff on the inside.

With the loss that Guerrero suffered, he’s going to need to get a number of significant wins under his belt before the boxing public forgets about this loss. Another fight with Berto might not be enough for him.

Guerrero would likely need to beat someone like Keith Thurman to build his name back up in a quick way, and I don’t know that Guerrero can beat Thurman. That would be a really tough fight for him because he’s not going to be able mug a powerful guy like Thurman on the inside like he did with Berto.

Thurman would rip Guerrero’s head off with uppercuts if he got backed up against the ropes and every round would be the equivalent of the 8th round in the Mayweather-Guerrero fight with Guerrero taking terrible punishment.

However, if he were to win that fight he would gain a lot in quick way. He’s not going to get the respect back from fans by going back to fighting the likes of Selcuk Aydin. No one will care unless Guerrero takes on the best fighters and looks good in beating them.

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