Haye not impressed with Wladimir’s victory over Pianeta

By Boxing News - 05/05/2013 - Comments

wladimir#7By Scott Gilfoid: Former WBA/WBA heavyweight champion David Haye was less than thrilled with IBF/IBO/WBA/WBO heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko’s opponent Francesco Pianeta for last Saturday night in Wladimir’s easy 6th round TKO win over Pianeta at the SAP Arena in Mannheim, Germany.

Haye said he’d never heard of the 6’5” Pianeta before, and he thinks Wladimir could have knocked Pianeta out in the 1st round if he had chosen to.

Haye said to ESPN “I never heard of him before. I had to check his record and it was pretty shocking to be honest. The only standout name on his record is Frans Botha, who he struggled to be on points…he [Wladimir] would never fight a sparring partner that would give him any kinds of problems. He did exactly what he needed. He made sure he went 5 or 6 rounds so he was maximizing his sponsorship revenue. He could have gotten rid of the guy in the 1st round if he so chose to, but there might have been that 5 percent risk. He might have missed and got caught with a counter punch. I believe that will hurt his legacy.”

Haye went on saying that he wants to become the mandatory challenger to get a shot against one of the Klitschko brothers, which is why he’s facing one of Vitali Klitschko’s leftover victims Manuel Charr on June 29th at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, UK. Haye thinks Charr was given a raw deal in getting stopped by Vitali last year in September in a 4th round stoppage.

I honestly can’t see the difference between Charr and Pianeta. They’re both fringe contenders, so hear Haye acting like he’s coming from up high in blasting Wladimir because he’s fighting a fringe contender just makes Haye look a little bit like a hypocrite. I mean, what’s the difference between Charr and Pianeta?

I can’t see difference any at all between them. Charr’s resume is just as padded as Pianeta’s, and just like Pianeta, Charr has a controversial win over Zach Page. I thought both Charr and Pianeta were beaten by Page, but even if you ignore the results, the fact is both of those guys struggled in a major way against the 2nd tier Page.

If Pianeta is so terrible then why is Haye fighting Charr? He’s the same type of fighter. If that were Charr that Wladimir was facing last Saturday night instead of Pianeta, the outcome would have been just the same. Charr would have been knocked out, only I think it would be much, much faster because I can see Charr suffering a cut and then that leading to the fight being halted quickly.

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