Burns victorious over Gonzalez

By Stevie Ocallaghan - 05/11/2013 - Comments

burns43By Stevie Ocallaghan: First things first, WBO lightweight champion Ricky Burns retained his WBO lightweight title last Saturday night at the Emirates Arena in Glasgow by stopping challenger Jose Gonzalez after the 9th round.

Burns was not at his best, but I honestly think that was down to the supreme talent that Jose Chelo Gonzalez was. Gonzalez, arguably out fought Burns in the first half of the fight, but as I’ve written before there are not many fighters with the heart and fitness of Ricky Burns.

Gonzalez won the first 5 rounds fairly easily, the 6th was shared then round 7 was a barnstormer. Gonzalez threw everything he had and at one point looked to have Burns ready but Burns came back with everything he had. What a round and Burns did enough to share that round.

When you look at each fighters corner, you get an indication of how they are doing, after the first 6 rounds everything was fine in the Puerto Ricans corner but not after the 7th. I honestly think the only thing broken was Gonzalez heart, he couldn’t believe Burns was still there. Don’t believe all you read regarding Burns. Some people can’t give British fighters credit for what they achieve in the ring.

Burns came out like a new man in the 8th, ok he was missing some but started to tag Gonzalez repeatedly and the same continued in the 9th. Unless Burns floored Gonzalez I think the best he could have hoped for was possibly a draw.

What you have to remember about Ricky is that he has had 3 training camps before this fight. Ring rust and over-training is understandable.

Ricky Burns not only defended his title but he broke the heart, will and spirit of a very tough and talented fighter in Chelo Gonzalez.i have no doubt in my mind that Gonzalez will win a world title.

Nobody is saying that Burns is the most talented fighter in the world but I challenge anybody to show me a more hungry and determined fighter as I don’t believe there is one. Ricky took all that Gonzalez had and still kept coming, he took the biggest puncher in the divisions best shots and still kept coming.

I think had Burns struggled out of his stool at the start of the tenth Gonzalez would have came out but Burns was ready for a war and that is what Chelo couldn’t handle.

All in all it was a tremendous fight and whatever anybody tries to say,Burns was a worthy winner because he was the last man standing in a war.

Congratulations to Ricky Burns on defending your title. Onwards and upwards now but I have to say I will avidly be watching Gonzales next fight as I think he will be a future star

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