WBO Champ Ricky Burns superb in beating Gonzalez

By Stevie Ocallaghan - 05/11/2013 - Comments

burns754By Stevie Ocallaghan: The thing I would like to start with is that I do not judge a fighter on nationality, color or race, I judge a fighter on his ability in the ring.

Last Saturday night at the Emirates Arena in Glasgow we witnessed a war between WBO lightweight champion Ricky Burns and Jose Gonzalez. What should be judged is that Ricky Burns retained his title when Gonzalez quit on his stool. No hollow victory, Gonzalez quit.

Great fighters in the past have quit, Roberto Duran, Vitali Klitschko, Don Curry and many more have quit through exhaustion or injury. It happens, but when a guy quits for whatever the reason, don’t belittle the winner as being lucky or fortunate.

Last Saturday night Ricky Burns broke the spirit of Jose Gonzalez and that for me is the mark of a champion. When Ricky Hatton beat Kostya Tszyu he dominated him an broke his will, but with Burns he was losing but then found a way to win which is equally as impressive.

I have no doubt in my mind that one day Gonzalez will win a world title, maybe even 2 or 3 as he has scope to move up also but when I read about, whether it be writers or guys who comment on a fighter being weak or whatever, I challenge any of these keyboard tough guys to share a ring with any fighter to see how hard their job really is.

All in all no hollow or tainted victory for Ricky Burns, just a well worked and earned win for a guy who refuses to be beat.

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